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[PLAYER GUIDE] Expedition Guide

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Article Publish : 09/16/2020 18:54

*Special thanks to WAR Angel from K27 for contributing her game guide to us!

Players have to do a lot of daily tasks to ensure the growth of their accounts in GoT WiC. One of the main ones is called “Expedition” which is not just important for you, but it’s important for all your allies. In this guide, I will review some important points about Expeditions.

The prizes

Attacking Rebel leaders gives you individual prizes. This includes Diamonds, Speedups and lord equipment utilities. These utilities can be used in Blacksmith to forge lord equipment. By attacking level 1 leaders, you can only drop grey utilities. Attacking higher level rebel leaders have the chance of dropping higher quality equipment utilities. For example, by attacking a level 3 rebel leader you have the chance to find grey, green and blue version of utilities.


More important, eliminating rebel leaders (by reducing their health to 0%) will give your alliance an alliance chest. All your allies will receive a prize from it! The quality of this chest depends on the level of the rebel leader which was killed. Opening Alliance chests will give you diamonds, alliance coins, speedups, Resource packs and other items. It will also increase your alliance level and will give your alliance tokens that your leaders can use during “Alliance Conquest” and “Army of Dead” event events.



Some tips:

- The best prize return for your alliance per motivation spent, happens when you hit the rebel leaders that you can eliminate with 3 or fewer hits.

- The best way to increase Alliance level and Alliance supplies (the tokens that can be used for events) is to have all members attacking the rebel leaders they can eliminate with 1 hit.

The higher quality alliance chests have the chance to drop better quality drops. Plus, the chance of multiple drops from the same chest is better when you open higher quality chests. 

You can also give your alliance an alliance gift chest if you buy a game pack. Keep in mind that the main economy of your alliance is alliance gifts and a healthy alliance has a good income of alliance gifts per day. A lot of competitive alliances control the amount and quality of the rebel leaders their members kill on a weekly basis.

To kill rebel leaders easier

- Do all expedition and pacification researches. They are even more important than T4 troop researches, as they will increase your speedups and diamond income and will help your alliance significantly.


- Make your expedition-related commanders better. This means, level them up to 60, give them all the equipment they need and make them gold quality. I will mention the important Expedition commanders on the next part of this guide.

- Get “Mountain Clan” Lord equipment gear and “Dunes Fort” castle exterior. They will increase your expedition damage and other related stats and will help you in eliminating higher level rebel leaders with less motivation cost. This table (borrowed from “Wun”) shows how each level of “Mountain clan” set can help you with expeditions:



*Pay attention that, to benefit from Mountain clan equipment your lord must be participating in the expedition, and for Dunes Fort to have an effect, it must be chosen as your active castle exterior. I suggest: changing your lord to Jeane, equipping mountain clan set and equipping the castle exterior before doing the expeditions.


- If you’re going to kill higher level rebel leaders, you can get assistance from “Expedition Damage” Item in “Sept of the Seven”.

Best Setups

In this part of the guide, I’m going to share my own experience with different commanders and setups which might be useful for you and assist you with better expeditions.

The main structure for when doing an expedition should be like this:


This means that, you will need one commander which will stay alive during the whole attack and will tank the rebel leader damage. If your Tank dies, then your other commanders will die fast and your total damage will reduce significantly. For our tanks to not die, we usually have to help them with 1 support commander that can heal or reduce the damage. Some Tanks can support themselves (Like Jeane and Margaery) which will give us one extra free slot that we can fill with another DPS. This makes them the best tanks for expeditions.

Another important thing to have in mind is that the front row commanders can produce might faster. When a commander has its Might refilled they will perform their active ability against the rebel leader. Here is a list of the best commanders for expeditions in current meta in order of their effectiveness:

Tank: Jeane (Not vs Spear, S++), Margaery (Not vs Infantry, S+), Jon Snow (vs Spear and Bowmen, S+), Tyrion (Only vs Spear, will need support, S), Haley (Only vs Spear, A), Kevin (Only vs Infantry, A), Gorell (Only vs Cavalry, A)

Support: Jeane (For heal and damage boost, should be in all setups, usually as a tank but if vs Spear as backline support, S++), Margaery (For might recovery, S+), Sabrina (For prowess boost, A), Annie (A), Varys (B)

DPS (Universal): Theon (S++), Deanerys Targaryen (S++), Cersei Lannister (S+), Sabrina (S), Julien (Not vs Infantry, S), Sheila (A), Soren (A), O’biehn (A)

DPS (vs Infantry): Merrel Peake (S+), Mengo (S), Leila Mormont (S), Raymond (A)

DPS (vs Spear): Sinara (S+), Arya Stark (S), Barret (A)

DPS (vs Cavalry): Deanerys Targaryen (S++), Julien (S++), Jaime Lannister (S+), Arslan (S), Meranda (A)

Here are some suggestions for FREE to play players, you should adjust these based on the lists above and your commander’s qualities:


Note: When using Tyrion as a tank, you will need Sheila next to him in the front row for her mini stun, and you need Jeane in the backline to heal him, otherwise he dies.

For medium spenders, here are some suggestions. Again these must be adjusted based on your own available commanders:


I can personally 2 shot level 4 rebel leaders with above setups with the castle skin and blue quality Mountain clan equipment. 

*Please pay attention that the setups I introduced above are not necessarily the best setups for you and you have to adjust them by changing some commanders depending on your commander’s quality. 

Also, the above setups won’t work vs rebel leaders level 5 as neither Margaery, Jeane or Tyrion can work as a tank. When attacking level 5 rebel leaders, you have to use stronger tanks like Kevin, Haley, Jon Snow or Gorell.

P.S.: This was first published on 2020-07-06.