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[PLAYER GUIDE] Research Guide Part 2

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Article Publish : 09/16/2020 16:41

*Special thanks to WAR Angel from K19 for contributing her game guide to us!

19 - New Procedures (Advanced Military/Formations Branches)


Very important researches. Castle level 25 will allow you to have 5 deployments (I mean you can send 5 armies out of your castle at the same time). Using these 3 researches you can get 3 extra deployments. This helps for a lot of stuff, for example, players who want to hide their army in their friend’s castles need these researches to be able to send more armies out, or if you want to gather more resource nodes at the same time, you also need these researches.

20 - Triage (Formations/Great City Military Branches)


This research will increase your hospital space. It’s a good research for when you have already built all the hospitals you want - so you can use them more efficiently and for more of your troops.

On a related note, “First Aid” research in Advanced Military increases the healing speed.

21 – Training Mastery (Military/Advanced Military/Great City Military Branch)


These researches will increase the troop training speed in your Barracks and are important because of that.

On a related note, “Drill Instructor” research in the Advanced Military branch will increase the total amount of troops you can train in the Barracks.

22 – Resource Inventory (Formations/Commandership Branch)


“Treasury” for gold, “Grain Management” for grain and “Inventory” researches for the rest increase your capacity for these resources. Your city can’t produce more resources than your capacity for each resource. When you have more resources than your capacity, it will be shown with a yellow color on the top bar. 

23 – Iron Bank Investment (Formations/Commandership Branch)


With this ability you can invest more diamonds in the Iron Bank. I suggest upgrading your Iron Bank to level 6 before these researches.

24 – Reduced Transport Tax (Formation Branch)


This research will reduce the tax rate when you are using the Market to transfer resources to another player.

On a related note, “Transport Capacity” will increase the number of resources you can send in each wagon and “Express Transport” will increase your speed when you’re sending resource wagons. Both of those researches are available in both Formations and Great City Military branches.

25 – Army Total Buffs Upgrade (Military/Formations Branches)


These are 3 expensive researches that you have to do right before researching T4 troops from the Military branch, appearing again in the middle of the Formations branch. These total troop buffs are probably the most important military buffs, so don’t take them lightly and aim for them when you can.

26 – Badge Master (Refinement Branch)


By default, each of your lord equipment pieces can only have 3 badges installed on them. With this research, which is at the end of the Refinement branch, the 4th slot on all equipment pieces unlocks.

27 – Enemy Weakening (Formations Branch)


“Perception”, “Disrupt Logistics” and “Break Morale” are the three very expensive researches at the end of Formations branch which will reduce enemy defense, health and attack in that same order. These de-buffs are very effective in battles and people who want to fight at the next level, need to have a higher rate of these de-buffs at the same time they are increasing their own buffs.

28 – Fervor Bonuses (Commandership Branch)


“Fervor Defense/Health/Attack Bonus” researches in the Commandership branch adds to the effect of your fervor. Fervor happens when you do an aggressive action against another player (by scouting them or attacking them) and stays up to 15 minutes based on your castle level. You can watch the fervor effect in Sept of the Seven.

29 – Maesters' Circle (Commandership Branch)


Each level of this research will give you one extra talent point!

30 – Wall Reinforcement (City Defense Branch)


Your wall is basically the activator of your fortifications. Before an enemy army attacks your city it has to attack your wall. As long as your wall has not fallen, your fortifications and your bowmen will attack the enemy army every second. If it falls, then all fortifications will be disabled and the armies will fight each other normally (bowmen will re-join battle very late). It’s always a smart idea to increase the wall durability before making fortifications, otherwise they will be useless during the fights.

31 – Fortifications (City Defense Branch)


Fortifications, just like troops, have different tiers that you can unlock from City Defense branch. The thing about them is that your wall is quite weak compared to the damage the enemy army can usually deal and since fortifications can only affect as long as your wall is up, then they only have effect at the very start of your first PvP fight and then they will be disabled till you rebuild your wall. I suggest focusing on your army and also focusing on wall durability before these.

32 – Advanced Defense Branch


The researches in this branch should not be a priority for those who didn't invest in the City Defense branch. Half the researches in the Advanced Defense branch are about the wall and the other half are about the fortifications. I strongly suggest doing the ones about the wall first since they are more important.

33 – Great City Military Branch


The researches in this research tree need “Research Note” items. Research notes are obtainable for the price of 900 blue diamonds each or can be bought five times per day from VIP shop with the price of 450 blue diamonds each if you’re VIP 14. They are also available in game packs that you can purchase with Black Diamonds. 

These researches are just like casual buffs but they only take effect when you’re rallying or defending a great city in normal maps or event maps and are important to be researched by rally leaders.

Thank you all for reading. I hope this review helped you in deciding which researches you want to focus on first!

P.S.: This was first published on 2020-04-26.