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[PLAYER GUIDE]Research Guide: Iron Defense

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Article Publish : 09/16/2020 17:10
Edited by handoftheking at 12/25/2020 17:07

*Special thanks to WAR Angel from K27 for contributing her game guide to us!

A new research tree is now available in Maester’s tower called “Iron Defense” that will be a great boost for defensive play! The players who finish this research tree will have better walls, fortifications, bowmen, siege attack reduction and can use up to 3m more troops when defending. This research tree won’t consume any research notes or special items!


Wall Researches


The new bonus in game which is called wall health will make your wall even stronger! The “City wall health” will determine how fast your wall durability drops from enemy damage and with it your wall will be very stronger!

This bonus is not available in any other place but this research tree for now!

There are 4 “City wall health” researches in this research tree that can add up to 400% City wall health bonus!

In addition, in this new research tree, you can find “Wall Design” and “Wall Building” III and IV researches which will further improve wall defense and wall repair speed. Part 1 and 2 of these researches are available in “Advance Defense” research tree! With these researches maximized you have 540% wall defense and wall repair speed.


Fortifications Researches


Fortification Stability, Might and Durability III and IV researches are in this new research tree which will furthermore increase these bonuses which were previously available in City Defense and Advance Defense research trees! By upgrading these researches you can have up to 540% Fortifications Defense, Attack and Durability!

“Engineering III” is also available in this research tree which will add to fortifications construction speed. “Capacity” I and II researches can also add to your fortifications capacity, allowing you to keep more fortifications on the wall!


Weakened Assault (Siege attack reduction)


Siege attack reduction is just like Total attack reduction that only applies when your castle is attacked and you’re defending. With this research, you can add up to 20% Siege attack reduction which is perfect for defense!


Bowmen Upgrade Researches


Bowmen Weapon, Armor and Health II researches are available in this research tree! Part 1 of these researches are available in the “Military” research tree! Bowmen are the only troop types that now have second research for upgrading their bonuses. With these bonuses they can get up to 270% attack, health and defense buff from researches!

Bowmen counter no other troop types and can’t get countered. They are better during defense as they will also attack the enemy troops at the start of battle as long as your wall is still up. 


Enhanced Defense (Max. Defense troops)


As a defender, only up to 12 million of your best troops will participate in the battlefield. With the last research available in “Iron Defense” research tree you can increase the total amount of defense in your city to 15 million troops!


This research tree is now available for all players and can be very important as it’s a great enhancement for defense! Unload your resources, use your speed ups and finish these researches to become better defenders as the night is dark and full of terrors.

I hope that you enjoyed reading it!

P.S.: This was first published on 2020-08-28.