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[NEWS] Awaken Your Commanders and Gain some New Powers (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 09/18/2020 12:31
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 14:26

Don't Stay at Gold !!!

The Commander Awakening system has been in the game for over 2 years now and the older players should know the basics by now but for sure there is always room for improvement or to learn some new tricks. Right now there are 49 commanders awakened in the game and every single one of those awakened commanders has a special skill attached with him/her.

Awake your commander for your playstyle

The game is so extensive that everyone can have its own playstyle and with that in mind choosing which commanders to awaken is the key to victory. You might be a single type fighter and commanders like Annie,Leila or even Cersei will be your priority to fully awaken. There are other people who enjoy the supportive role in an alliance so commanders that boost your resource production or resources gathered make it to the top of the list. Such commanders are Soren and O’Biehn. In commander awakening there is no right or wrong choice but it's a matter of playstyle and what you need out of your commanders.

Enhance and Activate Skills in Awakening

Before you can enhance and activate the first skill of a commander in Awakening, you should meet the following requirements: clear Weirwood Tree Trial 5-1, own a certain number of these commander tokens and have a golden commander quality.


There are four tiers of skills/buffs to activate for each commander, as the four stars in the panel suggest. When activating and leveling up a skill in Tier 1 by spending books of wisdom, the commander should be in Tier 1 and so on. All the commanders get the same rewards on their Tiers 1-3 the only difference is the Tier 4 when you unlock the Commander Specific special ability. On Tier 1 each commander unlocks +20% damage in Commander Active Skill, Tier 2 Unlocks a Friendship star Increase by 1, Tier 3 is where the Passive stats of the commander in boosted by 1.6 times and lastly on Tier 4 is where each commander is getting their final form and they unlock their maximum potential(each tier of commander awakening is getting +5 in their maximum level).Book of Wisdom can be dropped randomly from Level 4 and Level 5 Rebel Camps, and be purchased in Diamond Shop.

Universal Awakening Tokens 

There are 3 Tiers of universal awakening commander tokens that you use to help you with awakening your commanders. 

Elite General Tokens

The Universal Awakening Token for Free to play commanders (and Seg) is the Elite General Token and you can obtain it by trading 8 commander medals to 1 Elite Token or you can buy it in the VIP shop for 2000 Blue diamonds per Token.

Epic General Tokens

The Universal Awakening Token for Paid Commanders not the (not the T5 commanders)  is the Epic General Token and you can obtain it by trading 3 commander medals to 1 Epic Token or you can buy it in the VIP shop for 5700 Blue diamonds per Token.

Legendary General Tokens

The Universal Awakening Token for Tier 5 commanders like Cersei, Jon Snow or Daeron is the Legendary General Token. These tokens are very special and currently you can only obtain them by Converting Spare Tier 5 Commander Tokens to Legendary General Tokens with a conversion ratio of 1 to 1.

Every commander needs the above Tokens to be upgraded in higher tiers of awakening but there are some exceptions in the rule like Tyrion Lanister, Sabrina, Simon and Hector. These 4 commanders are only awakened by trading Their Commander tokens to Commander Specific Commander Awakening Tokens.

Conclusion of Awakening

All in all the Commander Awakening is now a huge part of the game that creates a very big diversity in battles and in daily life. Fully Awoken commanders create new synergies in the game that could change the tide of the battle and Commander Synergies is a whole new guide on its own, but also commander awakening can help passive players to make millions of resources daily and support their friends in the battlefield.

There are alot of video guides from fellow Chroniclers that you can watch for more information on commander synergies:

With all that info in mind, which commanders are you Fully Awake First and Why ??