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[NEWS] Chroniclers: Join Us to Record the History of Westeros! (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 09/07/2020 15:20
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 14:15

Have you ever done something in the game where you thought “Damn i would love to share it with the community”. Well you are in luck because the chronicler team is always looking for more active and inspiring people to produce content for the community. Among wars, conspiracy, and semblance of peace, through bitter and sweet stories, alliances rise and fall; this is the time to share your point of view in the game.

Q: Where can I find the system?

A: You can click on the building beside “Barracks” to access the chroniclers board, here you can find all the new moments Currently active chroniclers posts that keep their followers up to date with their new content and/or news about the game.

Q: What is the chronicler system for?

A: It is a system where the chronicler and players work together to discover stories and record the history of Westeros. The chronicler collects stories from players and make videos for all the players to enjoy and interact (say Like and Comment). All the video contents are from stories that happen in Westeros and will have the names of creators.

Q: What do chroniclers do?

A: Once you become a chronicler, you’ll need to produce works regularly. You will cooperate with the official team and must comply with the rules of conduct.

Your articles must be related to the stories happening in the game. Inappropriate content such as advertising, sexual content, fraud, plagiarism, personal insults, etc. are strictly prohibited. Punishment includes dismissal as a chronicler, and for serious cases, legal action.

Q: Who can apply to be chroniclers?

A: To be chroniclers, you have to meet the following requirements:

1. You must be an active player. You enjoy the game and social activities. You have a good imagination and observation skills to discover interesting stories happening not only in your own kingdom but others as well.

2. You have excellent writing skills and/or video editing skills.

3. You can write stories about players and Alliances, and keep track of all the major events on your server. You can put up the server "chronicles" (article or comics) that records notable individuals and events for everyone on the server.

For more detailed information, please click “Become a chronicler”on the chronicler board or click the link below :

Q: What privileges do chroniclers have? 

A: Chroniclers are a special and significant part of recording Westeros.

1. Chroniclers will be rewarded based on the works they produce. The quality of the work will determine the rewards.

2. Chroniclers will have an EXCLUSIVE TITLE beside their name when chatting in game.

3. Only chroniclers can share updates in Moments in game.

4. Chroniclers have a chance to become a celebrity in game.

5. Chroniclers can have a closer contact with the official team.

6. Chroniclers also have access to new events happening in the Test Pioneer Server.

Please note that the chronicler will be removed if you fail to produce works on time or some violations of conduct.

Q: How do I interact with chroniclers?

A: Besides chatting with chroniclers, you can subscribe to a chronicler to follow his updates. Similar to how you interact with friends on Facebook, you can check a chronicler’s Moments, Like and Comment in game.

Don't hesitate to contact a chronicler in game via in-game mail to contribute on the stories of Westeros.


Q: What do chroniclers’ Moments cover?

A: Only chroniclers can post updates on the Moments in game, and the content should be strictly related to the game itself. A chronicler can promote himself/herself to some extent, but the main task is to record the history of Westeros and new events and additions in the game.

Q: Can I report inappropriate content from a chronicler’s Moments?

A: Yes, you can. Please don’t hesitate to report it to us if you find anything that’s inappropriate or strictly forbidden in the Moments of Chroniclers. The official team will take care of it. The chronicler system is by players for players so the connection between players and the Chroniclers is needed for more and more interesting stories.

Inappropriate comments to the Moments will also be taken care of so don't hesitate and contact the Support in case of inappropriate content.


In conclusion, the Chronicler system is one of the best ways to stay up to date with Westeros and its stories. Try the Chronicler board and maybe if you have the passion for Content Development don't hesitate to apply for a chronicler position.