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A glorious Glorious Battle Tale

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 06/16/2024 18:17
Edited by mightylemon at 06/16/2024 21:48

A glorious tale from Glorious Battle – MightyLemon the devouted warrior saw the GB map, this time, BDR had matched up on one of the easier ones – with WAO and OBV as the two leading alliances of the other factions we knew this map would be a bit more relaxed than past maps. However this would not be the case for all players…


Given the nature of the matchup, and WAO being good friends of BDR, there would be several arranged fights throughout the week – based on by the “Account Score” statistic,  this meant the vastly superior whale accounts would not be participating and going on kill streaks of 100+. 


MightyLemon thought to himself, if we have these rules setup – I might as well try or? And despite being low on resources, particularly grain being the issue but wood was not far behind as a spearman player, MightyLemon prepared for war against WAO – our friends and prepared to march. We were on the attack, but the goal was not to take their building, we wanted to have a fair fight for the smaller players to get a chance for their 10 million kill milestone rewards. 


Now as always, there would be some warriors not following their commanders orders about the account score – but that is the nature of the game, not everyone will do what you want. Together the shadow faction warriors waited for the countdown, ready to attack the defenses which WAO and BTa had prepared in the last 12 hours. As the timer hit 0, we marched, of course having used a march speed buff and deploying quickly MightyLemon hoped to reach the building first – but this would not be the case in this fight, no fortresses were to be used to reach the building faster. 3 minutes to go and now there was nothing to do and wait, as the battle had started we could also view the list of defenders we would come up against and in what order – this was important to see whether you would face a strong enemy who counters you, or if the battle is winnable. 


With the anticipation mounting as the vast charge of marches from Shadow approached the Temptest factions fortress the first wave of marches started attacking, and quickly they went on a kill streak, as the first attacker often gets a lot of offline marches and not very powerful whales it gives a nice chance to get some extra kills. Keeping in mind this was a friendly fight, MightyLemon still was competitive and wanted to earn some great eliminations, he had chosen Glorious Battle as a way to slim down due to a few reasons:

1- the tokens you receive for bravery and battle, 2 – the merit rankings which he had kept his eye on lately, 3 – you got back 25% of troops and resources that you had lost during the event made this a comparatively cheap way to fight! Though the past days had proven that this was grossly underestimated, and the lack of grain supplies really showed to be a problem as now MightyLemon was having to open packs and in this fight – wood would also become a danger. 


Back to the battle, it was almost MightyLemons turn and he was behind a cavalry player – this was a positive as being a spearman focused player, he did not want to encounter inf and it would be unlikely for inf to get through the cavalry – at least that’s what I was thinking at the time. The first few attacks were going well, but soon he saw someone who might kick him – an infantry account of course and he decided to recall as the red gear indicated this would be painful to tank and result in a loss of t5. 


Moving to his second attack, confident after the first kill streak of 35, MightyLemon was quick to march again, before even healing he was underway and would worry about that later. Lady Arthena, sounded frustrated as she narrated her side of the event, instantly hitting a cavalry player – MightyLemons dream, but for the infantry focused Arthena that was a nightmare and a costly defeat. 


Several stronger accounts were participating on both sides, but still the megawhales were not playing and thus it seemed the fight was going to be a lot of fun, 55 minutes to go and that meant a lot of possibilities for kills. Hohohahe a very strong infantry account cleared our attack, and mightylemon was next, knowing this was an infantry account he was hesitant, but after seeing his kill streak of 60 he hoped his low resilience and troops may turn the battle in his favor.  


A terrible overconfidence on mightylemons part, and thereore a costly defeat received. A bit disheartened but still eager to earn kills I quickly send again, ignoring this report and hoping for a different result. It was not to be, would there be any difference this time? Well, Hohohahes power was lower than last time, but still this was a very strong infantry account. Nevertheless, MightyLemon let the march hit, and success! Still very costly on the deaths side, but barely snagging a win and proceeding to some nice easier targets. 

MightyLemon continued to send over and over, ignoring the cost and not even looking at the bill until after, which was disastorous, this GB he had lost 1 million t5 and 7.5 million t4, he did want to slim down, but this was downright underweight!