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【Rewards Sent】Who ransacked the jewelry store?

Article Publish : 06/20/2022 16:02
Edited by cocolee at 06/27/2022 17:47

Hello Gtarcade Community!

This week's short story is back as promised.

The first person who completely deduces all the clues will get 2000 points.

10 players who deduce some of the clues will be rewarded with 500 points.

All players who vote to guess correctly will receive 200 points.

Let's burn our brains together!


The killer is 【Lindy】

Lindy works at a nearby garage as a mechanic and part-time car washer, but her hands have exquisite manicure,which is not in line with common sense, so it is inferred that she is the thief.

🏆The first player to deduce all the clues was sharm1.

✌️The first ten players who deduced some of the clues were


There is a facial recognition machine in front of the lobby on the first floor of a shopping mall. Everyone entering and leaving the mall will be photographed, and after facial recognition technology, the pictures of each person will be counted together.With an accuracy rate of 99%, facial recognition is a proud piece of future technology.

One night, the jewelry store on the first floor of this mall was ransacked. The staff came to check the nightly records of facial recognition and did not capture the mouths of the thieves, but found that three people all resembled the faces of the thieves, with a 95% similarity, even the hair style and height were the same.

The officer invited all three men over:

May, 25 years old, carrying a crossbody bag, wearing all the jewelry, shiny, is a working person, occupation is a beauty products research and development company staff, holidays often come to the shopping mall.

Han, 20 years old, carrying a school bag, with big flashy earrings, holding a milk tea in one hand and the latest cell phone in the other, is a college student, studying at a nearby university and often comes to the shopping mall.

Lindy, 27, carries a fanny pack, has an exquisite manicure, and works at a nearby garage as a mechanic and part-time car washer. She has been in and out of the mall more often in recent days, compared to being the least frequent mall shopper of the three.

The staff at the jewelry store all said they had seen these three people.

May once came to buy a necklace, but had a bit of a verbal argument with the staff, and finally left in anger without buying.

Han often came to shop, but only to look but not buy, very annoying.

Lindy often look at the ring, saying it is to get married, but has been bargaining, saying that she and her fiancé do not have so much money, came many times but did not Buy it.

So,who ransacked the jewelry store?