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[Vote]Steam room murder: Who is killer?

Votes Who is killer?
Article Publish : 02/22/2024 14:25

🌫️ Mysterious fog swirls in the steamy confines of an exclusive club's steam room, where young ladies luxuriate in the heat, their bodies bare and faces obscured by abundant steam. Suddenly, amidst the haze, a shrill scream pierces through, prompting everyone to flee the steam chamber in a frenzy! 😱

🕵️Scene of the Crime:

Hostess Emily lies on the floor, her abdomen wounded and blood staining the ground, seemingly pierced by a sharp object. However, besides a thermos tucked away in a corner, the area appears devoid of any clues. 🚿

🗣️ Suspect Statements:

Hostess A:

"Emily and I were both in the steam room, but the fog was so thick I couldn't see her. I only heard the screams and realized something was wrong. Sure, we've had our differences at work, but I wouldn't resort to murder over petty squabbles. I swear, I'm innocent!" 🙅♀️

Hostess B:

"I was standing right next to Emily when she suddenly groaned and collapsed. I slipped on her blood and got terrified, so I ran out immediately..." 😨

Masseur C:

"I saw A and Emily enter the steam room together, then B followed. But none of them had anything with them, and when they came running out, they were empty-handed." 👀

🔍 Known Clues:

1.The victim was stabbed in the abdomen.

2.A and Emily had a feud.

3.B was next to Emily.

4.No surveillance cameras in the steam room. 📹❌

💼 Your Mission:

1.Who's the culprit?

2.What's the murder weapon? 🔪

🎉 Participation Rewards:

The first player to deduce the correct murderer and method will receive 2000 GT points! Other participants will earn 200-500 GT points based on the completeness of their submissions. 💰

📅 Submission Deadline:

February 29, 2024

⚠️ Disclaimer:

This storyline is purely fictional. Let the investigation begin! 🔍🕵️♀️

-------Previous answer-------

The shared factors led to the death of the boy.

If there were gods in the world, perhaps they would view it from above as a one-way street. The outcomes of all things have already been predetermined, and the boy's death was also destined.

A father who is indifferent and absent for years, and an impoverished family background.

On the surface, a mother who favors boys over girls but only loves herself. The boy suffered bullying at school, and his mother remained indifferent.

The sister, who has been neglected for years, harbors resentment towards the family and loses patience with her brother.

Teachers who casually punish and insult students but ignore school bullying.

Classmates who inflict campus violence.

But even in the darkest moments, there is still a glimmer of hope. Even under the constraints of fate, we can still strive to save ourselves.

------Top Reward List-------

💰Congratulations to player danielbald for emerging as the top detective this round! Given the limited correct responses, your deductive prowess truly shines.

And for all the other players with correct answers, the participation reward will be sent to your account, please check your account.