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[Vote]Unveil the FUZI's Dark Seceret: A Mysterious note

Votes Who is killer?
Article Publish : 04/12/2024 16:07

🏚️My mother and my wife, Fuzi, never had the best relationship. 

She wouldn't even sit at the same table with Fuzi. Her smile vanished whenever Fuzi was around.

Today, a fierce argument erupted between my mother and Fuzi, resulting in my mother locking Fuzi in the basement. 

"Why would you treat Fuzi like this?" I yelled angrily.

My mother looked at me in confusion. "Who's Fuzi?" She didn't even know Fuzi's name. I was speechless. 😶

After a while, my mother fell seriously ill. As she lay in bed, she looked at Fuzi and handed me a note, whispering her last words:

"I'm sorry for Fuzi, take care of her after I'm gone. I'll pray for you the day after tomorrow."

💔But she passed away the next day.

Lost in grief, I opened the note she gave me. It contained strange characters:

"Wqc'tg nckvkpg, ujg kpuv vgtvkna Hwbk"

What does the note mean? What was my mother trying to tell me?

🤔 Your Mission:

What does the note mean? What was my mother trying to tell me?

📅 Submission Deadline:

Solve the puzzle before April 23, 2024

🎁 Participation Rewards:

The first player to correctly answer will receive a reward of 2000 GT Points!

For other participants, rewards ranging from 200 to 500 GT Points will be granted based on the completeness of their responses!

📝 Note:

All story elements are entirely fictional. Let's crack the mystery together! 🕵️♂️🔑

------Previous answer-------

The wife is a serial killer, and she has pieced together the bones of her victims on her own body.

She appears much older than she actually is.

As a victim of campus violence, the wife's revenge on her abusers goes beyond killing them; instead, she assembles their bones on her own body. She has transformed herself into a "revenge sculpture," with these bones serving as her supporters, bearing witness to her pain and hatred.

However, due to her body's rejection reaction, her health has always been poor.

------Top Reward List-------

💰Congratulations to ovax for cracking the mystery! Your quick wit and sharp mind have led you to the solution ahead of the pack. We have also rewarded exceptionally creative responses.Please check your account.