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[Vote]Unlock the seceret: My Dangerous Wife

Votes Who is killer?
Article Publish : 03/28/2024 18:49

💔 My wife passed away when I turned 35. 💔

🤵 I held her fragile body close, personally arranging her funeral. Her face pale, her health frail. She always seemed to carry scars. Whenever her eyes met mine, pleading as if I were her entire world, my heart melted.

😱 My grief turned to shock when I discovered my wife's skull matched the DNA of a teenager missing since 1988. And her remaining bones? They aligned with six other names on the missing persons list from the same era...

🤔 Your Mission:

What secrets lie within my wife's remains?

📅 Submission Deadline:

Solve the puzzle before April 10, 2024

🎁 Participation Rewards:

The first player to correctly answer will receive a reward of 2000 GT Points!

For other participants, rewards ranging from 200 to 500 GT Points will be granted based on the completeness of their responses!

📝 Note:

All story elements are entirely fictional. Let's crack the mystery together! 🕵️♂️🔑

------Previous answer-------

Everyone will die (controversial, the following answer is for reference only).

100 days later, all people with blue eyes will commit suicide. 101 days later, all people with red eyes will commit suicide.

If there is only one person with blue eyes on this island, and everyone else has red eyes, then when the traveler speaks this sentence, that person will immediately know they have blue eyes because they see everyone else has red eyes, and they will commit suicide on that day.

If there are two people with blue eyes on this island, and everyone else has red eyes, after the second day, these two people will observe each other without committing suicide, realizing they are the other person with blue eyes, and will commit suicide on the second day.

This continues until 100 days later, when all people with blue eyes commit suicide.

After seeing all people with blue eyes commit suicide, those with red eyes will know they have red eyes and will all commit suicide.

------Top Reward List-------

💰Congratulations to airakale for cracking the mystery! Your quick wit and sharp mind have led you to the solution ahead of the pack. Also, Congratulation to jolt siever, your answer is correct and comprehensive understanding.

And for all the other players with excellent answers, the participation reward will be sent to your account, please check your account.