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[Vote] Mystery on the Tracks: The Disappearance of Mu Zi

Votes Who is killer?
Article Publish : 02/29/2024 14:55
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 02/29/2024 17:26

The newspapers of this City recently reported a gruesome accident:

"A girl named Mu Zi accidentally slipped and fell onto the tram tracks, where she was run over waist down, leaving only her legs on the rails. Gasping for her last breath, she managed to crawl to the edge of the platform, blood staining the ground. Unfortunately, the platform was deserted, and she froze to death on that lonely night."

🌌👀 You, working odd hours, find yourself at a desolate platform this very night, as the twists and turns of the tracks vanish into darkness, transporting you back to that fateful night of the incident.

In a daze, you hear the girl's voice singing:

"Who sees the snowflakes drift?"

"Who waits from late night until dawn?"

"Who's left abandoned in the middle of the road?"

"How ridiculous I must look"

"My legs are gone, Can you give me your legs?"

Your eyes widen in horror as a figure emerges in the distance, the scene of that night replaying before you. Is this unfortunate girl trying to convey something to you?

🕵️♂️🎶 What really happened that night? 🎶🕵️♂️

🔍 Mystery Questions:

1. How did Mu Zi die?

2. Who is the culprit?

🎁 Participation Rewards:

The first player to correctly deduce the culprit and the sequence of events will receive 2000 GT points! Other participants will be rewarded with 200-500 GT points based on the completeness of their submissions.

⏳ Submission Deadline:

March 7, 2024

🔎🚋 Dive into the mystery, and let the thrilling investigation begin! 🔎🚋

------Previous answer-------

The murderer is A.

The murder weapon is a sharp blade made of ice. To prevent the ice from melting, the murderer placed the ice blade inside a thermos filled with dry ice and then placed it in the steam room in advance. Subsequently, A and Emily entered the steam room together. Seizing the opportunity, A suddenly attacked Emily while catching her off guard. After the assault, A fled the steam room and lied to the police, claiming not to know where Emily was in the steam room.

Following the attack, due to the extremely high temperature in the steam room, the ice blade quickly melted, and the dry ice inside the thermos dissipated, causing the murder weapon to disappear without a trace.

------Top Reward List-------

💰Congratulations to player 2228094126 for emerging as the top detective this round! Given the limited correct responses, your deductive prowess truly shines.

And for all the other players with correct answers, the participation reward will be sent to your account, please check your account.