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[Vote] Unheard Voices: The Death of a Boy

Votes Who is killer?
Article Publish : 02/01/2024 16:27
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 02/04/2024 16:52

"If there were gods in the world, and suppose they looked down upon the earthly realm from above, it would probably be a one-way street. The conclusions of all things have long been determined, including my demise, destined by fate."

Three days ago, a young soul took a fatal leap from the school's towering edifice, shrouding his youth in a veil of tragedy. 🏫🌆 Police investigations, delving into the boy's diary, suggest profound psychological distress, possibly lured into the tragic path of self-destruction.

📔 Diary Entries of Son C:

March 13th

Endured a teacher's wrath for an incomplete paper, a stinging slap echoed through the classroom. My face swelled from the pain.

Had to stand at the back of the class for a whole hour.

March 15th

Tasked with a $500 material fee; without payment, barred from classes. Asked mom for money, met with complaints about dad's financial struggles and exorbitant school fees.

March 17th

Clothes ruined, no sympathy from the teacher. Returned home to face more scolding from mom. Exhausted, I yearn to escape both school and home.

March 19th

I resent them. I can't bear to look at them.

Outside the police station, a tumultuous argument unfolds involving the mother, daughter, and other relevant parties.

👩👧👦 Family Drama:

Mother A:

"You care nothing for your brother! Bringing you back from your grandparents' was a mistake! If I knew, I'd have let you perish out there! You work, don't contribute at home, don't expect you to financially support us. Even helping your brother with homework is too much to ask. If you cared a bit more, would it have come to this? Truly a heartless wretch."

Daughter B:

"How can you say that? The one who should feel remorse is yourself. You left me with grandma since childhood; you only brought me back at 16. Have I not been good to him? I sacrifice my meals to buy him snacks. You only care about him, never considering my feelings. No one cared about me when I was at school, and now you ask for money and living expenses!"

Teacher C:

"My actions align with school regulations. He's reserved, doesn't engage much with others. Perhaps he had minor conflicts with classmates, but our class is too large to focus solely on him. Assault? No evidence supports that claim. Do you have proof?"

Classmate D:

"He struggled with grades, often scolded by the teacher. He rarely spoke. We didn't do anything to him. That day, he stood alone on the rooftop... Conflicts? Maybe, but it's all normal."

🤔 Mystery Unveiled:

What Led to the Boy's Demise? School pressure, family issues, social struggles, or mental health concerns? Which pain is the most unbearable?

Share your perspective, and feel free to draw from your own experiences.

🌟 Engage and Earn Rewards:

Sharing insights: 200-2000 points based on contribution depth and authenticity.

📅 Submission Deadline:

February 8, 2024

Let the mystery unfold.

Note: All characters and events in this narrative are fictional.

-------Previous answer-------

The murderer is the boyfriend, B.

The girl had a long-standing ambiguous relationship with C. On that night, the girl and C engaged in intimate activities in the lounge. To spice things up, C secretly added a hallucinogenic drug to the red wine the girl was drinking, and she consumed too much. Boyfriend B attempted to locate the girl and called her, only to discover her with C in the lounge.

B felt furious at the girl's betrayal but didn't react immediately. He returned to the gathering, pretended to be drunk in the restroom after seeing C return, and then sneaked out of the restroom window. He went to the lounge, escorted the girl out through the back door, and threw her to a secluded place after driving her there.

C believed he had drugged her, but the girl, regaining consciousness, walked outside on her own, inadvertently concealing the truth.

The girl's outerwear remained clean as B carried her outside.

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