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[Vote]Three minute deduction: Chilling Conundrum in the Snow!

Votes Who is killer?
Article Publish : 01/19/2024 12:08
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 01/25/2024 16:30

Hey Detective Devotees! 🕵️

Just move to a new scene: a frosty morning, a suburban aunt shoveling snow at her doorstep after a night-long snowfall. As she clears away the colossal snow heap, a peculiar sensation grips her shovel - something hard and strangely resilient. Intrigued, she brushes away the snow with her hands, revealing... human hair!❄️🌨️

Crime Scene:

The victim lies sprawled in the snow, curled up, blanketed by layers of snow. On her phone, an unanswered call from her boyfriend, B.

👉 The Suspects:

Boyfriend B:

"We attended A's birthday party together last night. She had a lot to drink, and in the late night, she said she felt dizzy and needed some fresh air. It took a while, but she didn't return. I called her, no answer. I got quite drunk and spent most of the night vomiting in the bathroom. I never thought something would happen to her outside! I shouldn't have let her drink so much!"

Bestie A:

"I had a bit too much to drink too, but I saw her and C leaving the late night. She seemed disoriented, and C was supporting her. Later, C returned alone. It must be C who did something to her!"

Friend C:

"This is a misunderstanding! We did get a bit cozy in the lounge, but that was just the alcohol talking. Afterward, she said she felt dizzy and wanted to rest, so I came back. I honestly don't know what happened after that."

🧐 Mystery Clues:

1. Long-term suggestive texts between the victim and C were found on her phone.

2. The victim had hallucinogenic substances in her system.

3. The outdoor temperature was -15°C that day.

4. The victim's outerwear is remarkably clean.

🔍 Your Mission:

1. How did the victim die?

2. Is there a culprit? If so, who?

💰 Prizes Await!

Correct answers and accurate inferences bag you a whopping 2000 GT points! Others receive 200-500 GT points based on content completeness.

🗓️ Submission Deadline:

January 30, 2024

🚨 Disclaimer:

Dive into this make-believe mystery and let your theories flow! 🌬️🌨️

-------Previous answer-------

William is already dead.

His skin has been taken over by another woman, which is why the boyfriend's body suddenly becomes small and emaciated.

Everyone who has visited the village has disappeared without a trace. These people have been skinned by the local villagers, who then wear the victims' skin and clothes, awaiting the next prey.

The people in this village follow a cult, believing that they live in the abyss, and descend from hell. To walk among humans, they need to don the skin of a human, and these skins must be constantly renewed without any cracks or wrinkles. At night, the entire village echoes with the agonizing screams of the victims, as they cannot endure the pain of being skinned.

------Top Reward List-------

💰Congratulations to player jcv for emerging as the top detective this round! Given the limited correct responses, your deductive prowess truly shines.

And for all the other players with correct answers, the participation reward will be sent to your account, please check your account.