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[VOTE]Unveil the Mystery: The Stormy Apartment!

Votes Who is killer?
Article Publish : 12/14/2023 19:21
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 12/15/2023 10:41

Hey Detectives! 🕵️

Just moved into a new place – a bit shabby, but hey, the rent's a steal. Nestled on the 15th floor, it's a cozy spot on the city outskirts, right across from a cemetery. Spooky, right? But usually, it's quiet as a mouse, perfect for my peace of mind. 🏡🌙

However, today things took a strange turn. A stormy night, lightning flashing, wind howling. I worked late, hopped off the bus, and sprinted home. The entire building was pitch dark, except for the flickering lights on the 15th floor.

Approaching the lobby, darkness engulfed it like a gaping beast, silent yet ominously tense. "Power outage? The whole building?" I thought, uneasy but compelled to enter due to the storm. Just then, a voice echoed from inside.

"Mr. William?"

"Yeah," I replied, recognizing the lobby manager's voice.

"Lightning struck the power facilities; the repair team is working hard inside."

"Oh, I see."

"Planning to go upstairs? They're fixing the elevators; you might want to wait here."

"Nah, I came back for something urgent. Without power, I won't make it. I'll head back to the office."

I feigned calmness, but once outside, my face turned pale. I sprinted to the station as if pursued by a fierce beast.

Ever wonder why I hesitate to go in? If you were me, what would you do?

🔍 Your Mission:

1. Why did I hesitate to go in?

Just release your creativity and infer the answer from the story, describe what's happening in this apartment. You can describe it with text or images.

💰 Prizes Await!

The most correct and creative answer wins a whopping 2000 GT points! Other participants, based on content completeness and creativity, will receive 200-500 GT points.

🗓️ Submission Deadline:

December 21, 2023

🚨 Disclaimer:

Remember, it's all make-believe! Dive into the enigma and let your creativity flow! 🤔📜 

-------Previous answer-------

The murderer is the deceased's husband and his mother, who collaborated in the crime.

Due to the wife's prolonged illness, the husband, unable to afford medical treatment despite borrowing extensively, found himself drowning in substantial debts. The deceased's mother-in-law, perceiving her daughter-in-law as a burden, encouraged her son to kill his wife.

On the fateful night, amidst rainfall, the deceased's husband returned home after consuming alcohol. Subsequently, under the influence of alcohol, he strangled his bedridden wife. After regaining composure, he asked his mother to handle the aftermath and then left the house.

To conceal the strangulation marks on the deceased's neck, they cut a pillowcase into coarse strips, fashioned it into a makeshift hanging rope suspended from the ceiling beam, and placed the deceased within the loop. They casually overturned a stool nearby to create the appearance of a suicide by hanging, attempting to cover up the true nature of the crime.

------Top Reward List-------

💰Congratulations to player airakale for emerging as the top detective this round! Given the limited correct responses, your deductive prowess truly shines. 

And for all the other players with correct answers, the participation reward will be sent to your account, please check your account.