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Revenge is best served cold: EXc revenge raid against NFI

All-out War Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 06/09/2024 07:47

TheHunteR sat at their desk, eyes locked onto the screen. The virtual kingdom server 174 was buzzing with activity, its usual rhythm disrupted by a recent Waku Waku raid that had decimated their alliance, EXc. The losses on those hit were heavy, and their morale low. EXc, a raiding alliance with a mix of seasoned veterans and enthusiastic newcomers. But TheHunteR, one of the more experienced players, wasn't about to let the raid go unanswered.

TheHunteR took a deep breath, their mind whirring with strategies and plans. Revenge was a dish best served cold, but the wounds from Waku Waku's raid were still fresh. It was time to strike back. TheHunteR scoured the map, looking for a suitable target on NFI’s home server K135, when they found it. 

A player named Woodd from the rival NFI alliance. Woodd was a heavy spearmen player, renowned for his formidable defenses. But tonight, fate had dealt Woodd a cruel hand: he was unbubbled and out of gear.

A grin spread across TheHunteR's face. This was the opportunity they had been waiting for. They called for a rally, sending urgent messages to their allies. 

"NFI Target is exposed. We strike now!" 

The response was swift and decisive. Allies from EXc rallied to the cause, eager to avenge their losses and eager for the glory of a successful raid.

TheHunteR watched as their troops assembled. The first rally was launched, a wave of warriors crashing against Woodd's castle walls. The impact was devastating. Woodd's spearmen, caught off guard and unprepared, fell in droves. TheHunteR’s heart pounded with adrenaline as reports of the rally’s success poured in. Woodd's defenses were strong, but each hit chipped away at them, bringing their downfall closer.

The second rally followed quickly, then the third. Each one whittled down Woodd's spearmen further. TheHunteR could feel the momentum building, the tide turning in their favor. Woodd's forces were formidable, but they were no match for might of EXc. TheHunteR’s troops outnumbered didn’t matter in this clash, every 1 infantry was strong enough to take 8 spearmen, the defenders advantage seemed in vain, and TheHunteR’s strategy was paying off, the relentless assault leaving Woodd's castle in ruins.

But victory was not yet assured. The NFI alliance, alerted to the attack, began to mobilize. Reinforcements were on the way, and TheHunteR knew that time was of the essence. They called for another rally, their voice steady and commanding. 

"NFI attack"

Powerful NFI players like Missim and VITOO were quick to react, and now looking for the hunters, singling out any who were caught in the retreat, setting up rallies now was too difficult, even when able to hide all of their troops, once the rallies launched and the troops returned from battle, there will be little to avoid the onslaught of NFI rage.

The next wave of attacks hit Woodd's castle will have to be with solo force. TheHunteR watched the reports, seeing the numbers of Woodd’s troops dwindle. From millions, they were now down to 9.7m troops left and more importantly few spearmen who survived the initial rallies. The end was in sight, but so were the approaching NFI forces. TheHunteR knew they had to act fast. The clock was ticking, and the window of opportunity was closing rapidly.

"One more rally!" 

His allies said, as Woodd’s defense would crumble at another hit. EXc members gathered their remaining troops and resources from battle and fled into hiding, their still determination and unity through. And TheHunteR launched their final two daring attacks against Woodd’s castle.

TheHunteR watched as the troops marched towards Woodd's castle. The tension was palpable, the outcome uncertain, NFI forces may already be reinforcing whats left of Woodd’s castle, but as the first wave hit, and soon the second. TheHunteR knew they had done it. Woodd’s remaining troops crumbled under the assault, the defenses finally breaking. Cheers erupted in the alliance chat as reports confirmed the victory. Woodd’s castle was left in ruins, with nearly five millions troops remaining and none of their strong spearmen left standing, a testament to the might and resilience of EXc.

But the battle was not yet over. The NFI forces were closing in, and TheHunteR knew they had to be strategic. The rally and attacks had been a success, but now they needed to ensure their survival.

EXc members already away and hidden safely, luckily no tracking rally or blockade was used on TheHunteR’s castle, freely allowing him to retreat to a safer zone and regrouping their forces. TheHunteR took a moment to breathe, their heart still pounding from the intensity of the battle. They had avenged their losses, but they knew this was only the beginning. The war with NFI was far from over, and they needed to be prepared for the inevitable retaliation.

TheHunteR opened the alliance chat, seeing the messages of congratulations and relief. The morale boost was tangible, the victory a much needed balm for the wounds inflicted by Waku Waku's raid. But TheHunteR knew they couldn’t afford to rest on their laurels. The battle had been won, but a war may be raged on.