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The day in the Dragons pit, Waku Waku finds more food on K174

All-out War Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 06/02/2024 04:45

In the heart of the EXc kingdom, a formidable raiding alliance known for their strategic prowess and fierce warriors, a player named Waku Waku held their camps. Waku Waku, renowned for their daring exploits, always sought opportunities to raid any kingdom demanding any challenge and crippling any opponent’s defenses. She was a player who pushed ranks, previously being a low power player with tier 3 troops, even still you could find her in the thrill of a raid, no kingdom off limits to her, and with the merit system changing long ago, a new sight came, pushing these ranks, with the natural decrease of everyone else merit, will be a competitive challenge. Many players around mostly got their merit through major single time raids, or from events like Glorious Battle, so she had the advantage of being small and always able to raid. On this particular day, a rare chance presented itself: two players, DANIELO and xsoltanx, were found unbubbled. However, this opportunity came during the prime active hours for EXc, a time when most of their players would be online. Any attack would immediately be noticed, and alarms would be sounded. Despite the risks, Waku Waku was determined to seize this rare opportunity.

Waku Waku had previously prepared for her raid on EXc about a week ago, scouts suggested upon first arrival there were plenty of troops worth purging on the kingdom. As time passed, many more victims to Waku Waku’s forces came, and today was no different, determined to still set her mark on the kingdom 174, very few came here and left without their castle pillaged. Today, two players were found without their bubbles DANIELO and xsoltanx. Scouts were dispatched to view the defenses of DANIELO and xsoltanx castles. The scouts returned with valuable information: both targets were heavy infantry players, a perfect counter to Waku Waku's powerful cavalry. With the intelligence gathered, Waku Waku devised a plan to strike swiftly and decisively, targeting DANIELO first, whom they deemed the weaker opponent.

Waku Waku commenced the attack on DANIELO. The cavalry thundered across the plains, their hooves pounding the earth like a war drum. The first wave of the assault crashed into DANIELO's defenses, catching them off guard, shredding through many of their front line trash and eliminating over half of their tier 4 infantry lines. Observing the stats quickly, i noticed they were in battle refinement, their infantry is a lot stronger then expected, but this does noting to stop her. The element of surprise was crucial, and Waku Waku capitalized on it, launching the second attack,  DANIELO's defenses crumbled under the relentless onslaught, and it seemed victory was within Waku Waku's grasp. Maneuvering across the map, landing in different positions to attack, I launched my third attack, however my cavalry hit their spearmen backlines, which heavily halted my progress.

However, to be expected the alarm had been sounded. And a player named Mad King Joe with heavy spearman's garrisoned DANIELO’s castle, a formidable player within the EXc alliance, Attacking now would be suicidal for Waku Waku's cavalry, as the spearmen were their cavalry’s natural enemy. Realizing this, Waku Waku knew they had to shift their focus quickly before the window of opportunity closed entirely.

Without hesitation, Waku Waku redirected their forces towards xsoltanx. With all hospitals fill with cavalry now healed and regrouped, Waku Waku launched her next attack. The element of surprise once again played to Waku Waku's advantage. xsoltanx, caught off guard, suffered significant losses. Their front-line troops were decimated, and around 480,000 of their tier 4 troops were wounded in the conflict. Desperation set in, and xsoltanx scrambled to activate their bubble, barely managing to shield themselves from further attacks.

Despite the success, Waku Waku knew they were far from safe. They had to survive the next 15 minutes in the kingdom until they could bubble again and secure their position. The EXc alliance was clearly active and on high alert, and Waku Waku's presence was known. 

As the dust settled from the fierce battles, Waku Waku's mind raced. They needed to find a secure location to bide their time. She sheltered as many troops as possible under her castle protection, rallying troops and her commanders on a far away camp, in case of being spotted, those troops will still be hard to find. She used the mentor system to rally even more troops away from her castle, leaving only tier 1 units which won’t be a devastating lose if found. She knew any movement against any more EXc castles would be detected, even if one was to unbubble now, she had to restrain herself. 

Her armies were depleted from battle, even if new opportunity presented she may not have the units to launch full strength assaults let alone reliably defend, Waku Waku bided her time and waited for her fervor effect to were off, believing in these barren lands no alliance will be holding camps there, let alone find her exposed castle.

At this time i got to look more into the details of the reports, 12.4m merit was nothing small, and will no doubt have pushed me at least 1 rank up in global merit rankings. I was disappointed that i didn’t realize sooner i would be hitting into a heavy spearmen line against DANIELO, but the rush and knowing full well one of EXc’s main battle players will no doubt be on my tail ready to attack me clouded my judgment, i could only focus on attacking without fully planning, but i cannot complain.

The EXc alliance, meanwhile, would not sit idle. They will be looking at main transfer locations common for players to go to when they’re trying to hide, no number of scouts were known, Waku Waku just had to assume EXc won’t be happy about being under siege in their own prime hours. 

At last, the moment arrived. Waku Waku signaled to their troops, and with a collective breath, they activated their bubble. The magical shield enveloped them, providing a temporary sanctuary from any attacks. But Waku Waku's mind was already working on the next steps. They had survived the immediate danger, but they knew the EXc alliance would not forget this incursion.

Waku Waku reflected on the events. They had taken a significant risk, and it had paid off. DANIELO and xsoltanx had been dealt a heavy blow, and Waku Waku had once again demonstrated their prowess.

But this was only one battle in the ongoing war. The EXc alliance would undoubtedly remember her name, and Waku Waku would still push ranks under any odds, the thrill of raids, the adrenaline of the chase, and the satisfaction of outmaneuvering their foes were what drove Waku Waku. And in the ever-changing landscape of the kingdom, they knew that more opportunities and challenges awaited whether here or in another kingdom.

Waku Waku's legend will continue to grow. Both allies and enemies alike respected their name. For Waku Waku, the adventure was far from over, and the next chapter of their saga was ready to be written.