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AOW is start -Brief introduction 2全面戰爭簡易介紹2

All-out War
Article Publish : 09/25/2022 00:04
Edited by 聊天小霸王at at 09/25/2022 00:04



AOW has been in operation for nearly 11 days. At first, there were many bugs. With everyone's feedback and corrections.Slightly reduced a lot, but also constantly updated.Here's this week's research.

Thanks for everyone's help



Today we come to the combat part


Attack Tips:

1.Attack at maximum distance with bow and arrow

2.if is Neutral Arrow Tower .Buildings can't attack you.

3.if u use bow can attack are very far away.Can take neutral cities with 0 die .

4. Medical props are used to attack other factions.

5. No points for Attack the neutral camp.








6.Check the special soldier, bow will reduce the speed by 30% 特殊士兵會影響速度

7.Prioritize attacking enemy healing vehicles 優先攻擊對方的治療車

8.If you are using bow, do NOT attack inf players unless the opponent is much weaker. Check this icon. This means the inf player can counterattack you. Spear and cav cannot counter attack you from range.

如果您使用,除非對手很弱,否則不要攻擊盾兵玩家。 檢查此圖標。 這意味著盾兵玩家可以反擊你。 槍兵和騎兵不能從範圍內反擊你。

This is what happens when a weak bow attacks inf. 這就是虛弱的弓兵攻擊盾兵時會發生的情況。

9.Only "army size coupons" do not work in AOw, the rest u need ..The owned bonuses all apply anyway

只有軍團規模”在 AOw 中不起作用,其餘的你需要......無論如何,擁有的buff都適用 就是要砍頭穿戰鬥裝,改天賦

10.Bows specifically do not get their commanders skills if you activate the special soldier. The rest do. 特殊弓兵.指揮官技能無法啟動 


The section on resilience 關於耐性的部分

Resilience is similar to glorious battle, if not more important. 耐力就跟光輝一樣,如果不那麼重要的話

How to check resilience: 如何檢查耐性:

To recover resilience: Need logistics army to help The army needs to carry wheat 恢復耐性: 需要後勤攜帶小麥幫忙

Press D to recover resilience for ally. Must click on ally 按D恢復盟友,一定要點擊❗️盟友❗️

When you click D, a circle will appear on the mouse 當你按D以後,鼠標會出現一個圓圈

When clicking on the team you want, note that clicking "self" has no effect

在點擊想要恢復的隊伍。 注意不能恢復自己❗️❗️

T3-T4 Both need 120k wheat

T3 T4 都是120小麥


About logistics關於後勤

  1. How to become a logistics? you need to tick here 如何成為後勤? 你需要在這裡勾選


(Note .that many people don't check it, which makes it impossible to work even if they bring the treatment car)

When it has a carriage pattern, it represents "logistics" 當擁有馬車圖案時,則代表後勤

Only logistics have shortcut keys for D and F 只有後勤才會出現D與F的快捷鍵

You can press D and F to restore resilience and heal respectively. But you must click on the ally army after pressing D or F.

您可以按 D 和 F 分別恢復耐力和治療。 但是你必須在按D或F後點擊盟友

Because a logistics army cannot restore its own resilience, make sure to not engage in battle or ask another one to help restore resilience. Or you will die very fast.

由於後勤部隊無法恢復自身的耐力,因此請確保不要參與戰鬥或請其他人幫助恢復耐力。 否則你會死得很快。

Logistics use of special soldiers does not affect speed, it is recommended to use BOW This allows you to help your allies while fighting. 後勤使用特殊兵種不會影響速度,建議使用BOW 這樣可以一邊戰鬥一邊幫助盟友

Be sure to go to the warehouse to bring wheat 一定要去倉庫帶小麥

Help allies need wheat 幫助盟友需要小麥

(這部分很多人忘記,所以無法起作用) (Many people forget this part, so it doesn't work)

The movement speed of your logistics army depends on the type of troops you choose. Cav: move fastest. Easier to get away when in open. Bow: can attack from range and help with defending. Not good in the open

後勤部隊的移動速度取決於您選擇的部隊類型。 騎兵:移動最快。

空曠地區更容易逃脫。 弓:可以遠距離攻擊.幫助防禦.但在空曠地區則比較吃虧

後勤狀態可以攻擊,但沒有獎勵分數 Logistics status can attack, but no points. 


About the ambulance 關於治療車

First of all you have to have the treatment car first. And become logistics. Logistics can participate in battles, it is recommended to use BOW Can fight and help allies, remember to bring wheat Instant recovery if allies are only slightly injured But if allies are injured near death, they need to wait for the recovery bar (like SOW's pickup package). You can press D and F to restore resilience and heal respectively. But you must click on the ally army after pressing D or F.

首先你要先有治療車.並成為後勤。 後勤可以參加戰鬥,建議使用BOW 可以戰鬥跟幫助盟友,記得需要攜帶小麥 如果盟友只有輕微受傷,可以即刻恢復 但盟友如果接近死亡的受傷,需要等待回復條 (就像SOW的拾取包裹) 您可以按 D 和 F 分別恢復耐力和治療。 但是你必須在按D或F後點擊盟友。



The part of the chariot is being studied.........