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Forging Legends: Round 10 of the Arena of Honor

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 04/18/2024 17:33
Edited by lordverm at 04/19/2024 16:38

Hi lords and ladies, welcome to another grand spectacle of Arena of Honor round 10, where champions are forged, and legends are born with the alliance !HD.Despite our best efforts, we had fallen short in the previous round of Arena of Honor. The sting of defeat still lingered as I, along with nine other warriors from !HD and NBe, prepared to embark on this journey to become champions.

As the arena opened its gates, we stepped onto the blood-stained sands, where thousands of challengers may lay their life. Despite this being an arena death pool, we didn’t waver, but had our eyes fixed on the challenges that lay ahead. The roar of the crowd echoed off the tall arena walls, cheering us on as we fought for House Tyrell!

When our opponents stepped in, we quickly noticed the other houses whose strength was not to be underestimated. The House of Baratheon, led by the formidable lords from HOH such as “AK0086”, “Oni Fae”, & “Grombold”, was known throughout the seven kingdoms as formidable warriors! However, they weren’t the only foes on this battlefield that we were wary of! Our old enemies “NOX” had emerged as a part of House Stark & House of Lannister, ready to face off against us.

We looked into each other’s faces and all knew what had to be done, and what had to be sacrificed in order to get on top of this match. As the game started, we used the last strategy from the previous round, quickly running towards the outpost and building a few trading posts.

When we had built all our trading posts, we gathered around the Altar. However, the valiant warrior from HOH, Grombolt, had already taken our altar. As one of our lords gathered his valiant troops, he marched quickly towards the altar to take it back! However, as the sounds of swords clashed and shields destroyed, his forces were killed off by the enemy. Many troops lost their lives at the hand of Grombold, and at this point, we knew that it was not possible to take it back…

As the other altars opened, we quickly sped to reinforce our allies so that the enemies wouldn’t be able to take us on. This strategy that we had planned started to work as the enemies weren’t able to take our altars! At this moment, when I was defending, an old foe of mine struck me with his strong forces. These forces were quickly overwhelming compared to mine, the clash of steel echoing through the arena as the battle raged on between me and Belore from NOX.

Yet even as defeat loomed large, I refused to yield. With the strength of our alliance and the determination burning in our hearts, we fought on, refusing to back down in the face of strong adversity. However, my remaining forces were ambushed by NOX…

But I would never back down and be driven to the edge of a cliff by my enemies. I gathered all my last remaining strength to fight NOX back from our Altars! I launched a full frontral attack on NOX, leading our forces with all the might and fury at my command. Our spearheads gleamed in the sunlight as our enemy calvery thundered forward towards us. The clash was fierce and bloody, spears flashing in a deadly dance of steel against the enemy rider. With every swing of my spear, 10 men fell from the enemy. The clash of arms and the cries on the battlefiel of injured troops echoing across the battlefield...

My last stand against the enemies of NOX was successful, but it wasn’t the only threat on the field as my comrades in arms fought valiantly against the lords from different houses to secure our win. They valiantly fought against the other lords and gained more points as the time went on. However, we quickly noticed that one of the two houses that were much stronger and fiercer than all... and that was the House of Baratheon...

It was as clear as the sky in the heavens that the House of Baratheon would be victorious in this Arena of Honor. Despite our valiant effort, they proved to be an unstoppable force on the battlefield. But even in the face of seemingly bad odds, we refused to surrender. With every ounce of strength and courage, we continued to fight, pushing ourselves to our very limit! As we could end up next best, we decided to take on the House of Greyjoy, who were only a few points ahead of us. We shifted our main forces towards them and tried our best to succeed, but it wasn’t enough as time was also against us…

Despite our valiant forces and strategy, it wasn’t enough to secure victory today. The House of Baratheon and Greyjoy's strategy and strong commanders proved to be too much for us to overcome. For in the Arena of Honor, defeat is not the end! It is merely a setback on the path to glory. And with our allies by our side, we knew that we would rise again, stronger, and more determined than ever before.