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Choso faces SIN in the third round of Alliance Conquest!

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Article Publish : 04/18/2024 20:12

The anticipation within FuK for the third round of the 18th season of Alliance Conquest is increasing once again, as they have found their winning ways once again after a very impactful victory last round. Having triumphed in many of their matches last season also helped rebuild their anticipation, they could win against anyone except the formidable WxC. This was something that was motivating the FuK fighters, making them hope of a victory against today's opponents and a qualification into the Ultimate Conquest, the tournament every alliance wishes to be a part of. One of these very enthusiastic fighters was Choso, he wasn't a strong fighter, but he knew how to race fast, that was his forte that he could bring to the alliance. In his opinion it was not much, but it was something that they needed if they aspired to reach great heights.

In Alliance Conquest, two factions, Lannister and Targaryen, fight for control of Casterly Rock and other key buildings such as Ports, Outposts and Mines. This season has brought changes to the event as we knew it. Holding certain combinations of buildings would bring about better buffs for the whole alliance. Choso's opponents find themselves on the Lannister side, a position earned through their ranking. The alliance ranked above earns the Lannister side, whilst the side with less points assumes the Targaryen side. As FuK aim for another convincing campaign and to secure a spot in the top 16 in order to participate in Ultimate Conquest, they are led by Mariner37. He is a seasoned leader, who earned everyone's respect through his achievements of uniting everyone towards a single goal.

On the day of the conflict, Choso eagerly anticipates the challenge ahead, as he believes this match could be the push that FuK needs in order to get to the Ultimate Conquest. The alliance stood a great chance should they face FDH, and with 2 matches a season facing WxC, they had to win by a large margin to guarantee their chances. Now to ensure a flawless journey towards Ultimate Conquest for FuK, Choso's role was vital, if he could secure the buildings first, they not only got extra points, but also could put anyone they wished inside the building. Despite the pressure his role had in general, his high anticipation and excitement for what is to come overcame it, making him eager to fulfill his duties to the best of his abilities no matter what the circumstances were.

Once he arrived to the wooden and old Alliance Hall where announcements were always made, Mariner37 quickly reveals their opponent, with a sad look on his face. SIN were going to fight FuK in the third round, an alliance unknown to Choso, but at a first glance, they seemed to pose no threat. Given everyone's reaction, it seemed that they all had the same consensus. The match was basically over before it began. But they all still had to do their jobs, Choso had to race for 2 buildings, whilst everyone still had to keep what they were tasked with. He was more than ready to win every race that he is assigned for, but the motivation about his competition started to diminish.

With the opponent and plans revealed, preparations were now complete, the fighters embarked on the battle, being sure of their triumph to come and the meaning behind it, they were getting excited at being closer to their goal. This was the total opposite of what they had shown after the WxC affair, showing just how much the opponent ahead of you can change your perspective on everything that lays ahead of you. The contrast was very strong, they were full of life once more. The beautiful surroundings of the road towards Casterly Rock were overshadowed by their excitement about the long-term outlook, which took over everyone. The lively nature was only contributing in the background as they approached the battlefield.

When they reached the battlefield, the numbers of their opponents seemed the dwindle in comparison to FuK. It was a big numerical advantage for them as well, this would be a great factor in what was to come in their fights. It was known how much the amount of fighters can balance a fight, but on top of it, FuK not only had quantity but also quality. This made the mission for SIN all the more impossible. Choso who at first eagerly anticipated the confrontation, was left to wonder if anything will complicate the match, as he couldn't fathom what could stand in FuK's way of victory.

As the battle begins, Choso was racing towards the enemy outpost, as he was tasked to do so by Mariner, he followed the orders to the dot, but as he was rushing in as fast as he could, he couldn't help but notice that his march has stopped at 5 seconds. This was an unfortunate for his his race, with this, it also meant that SIN had captured 3 buildings - the start was looking grim. Something that no one expected.

Mariner37, being the experienced leader that he is, was not phased by such an outcome from the races, instead he called for solo attacks on all of the buildings immediately. He was trusting the strength that every rally leader possessed. Choso was taken aback by the decision, as he was expecting rallies, but he understood why Mariner opted to take this approach.

This approach had to be done in order to maximise the points FuK will obtain. The aim was to get over 100k points, how many points there will be as a difference between FuK and SIN can make the difference if the qualification in Ultimate Conquest was possible or not. Thus when bubbles dropped, solo attacks rained upon all of the SIN buildings. First starting with the mother, then warrior and finally outpost, all buildings have fallen from SIN's hands into FuK's possession.

As the battle raged on, SIN have managed to recapture the warrior before the ports unlocked. But there was no time to focus on it, as the bubbles have dropped. For the ports, Choso was going to race as well, wishing for a good outcome this time, he braced himself and rushed towards the building as fast as he could. Within seconds, he saw himself capturing it.

Soon after capturing it, Mariner37 observed something odd, there was no slow march. No one could swap Choso out of the port, thus he was forced to make a drastic decision. Choso was to drop the port for a hard swap, but despite the rally leader's attempts, they weren't fast enough, SIN has intercepted.

Now it was time for other Port to be swapped, this time Mariner37's plan seemed to go well, as they had a slow march at the ready. Once the disbanding took place, everything went smoothly.

Now that the port was safe, Mariner37 asked for solo attacks on the port. Choso was eagerly watching, hoping to see a massacre, but to both of their surprise, the port held. It could not be soloed as flawless reinforcements filled it.

Mariner37 had to make a decision, but he opted to first see the results on Casterly Rock, as it was about to unbubble. He would then have to decide how to approach the port. Choso, confident in himself, told him not to worry, as he was going to capture the building for them.

As they bubble dropped, everyone rushed as fast as they could. Choso geared himself perfectly for the occasion, it was his time to shine once again, but as fate would have it, he did not win the race. However, thankfully for him, it was one of his teammates that raised up to the occasion, Anup, a rally leader, has captured Casterly Rock.

This meant a failure for Choso once again, it became clear that it was possibly due to his displayed arrogance at who will get the building, but this now served as a wake up call.

Now with Casterly Rock secured, Mariner37 has reached his decision. They were going to rally the port and kick SIN out for a seemingly flawless victory. Not long after, every rally was filled and marching towards the port, alongside solo attacks from the more skilled fighters. This secured the port as well as the victory.

The surprises that SIN has made FuK experience were an amazing learning experience for Mariner37 and Choso. Mariner37 displayed an incredible knowledge and patience with his choices, whilst on the other hand, Choso had become too familiar to winning races, making him be more arrogant. This match served as the perfect opportunity to show him the right way without big consequences for FuK. Now with this lesson learnt, he will have to deal with incredible fights in the 3 remaining rounds of Alliance Conquest. Will this lesson be enough for him?