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Super League UC: NFI vs N30

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 04/15/2024 02:38

In the 4th round of Ultimate Conquest, we were coming off a boring match, and easy win, versus KUM who once again did not bother to show up. Well 10 of them did, but that is hardly a match lol. Our next opponent would not be so easy as we were to face the legendary alliance N30.

They are known throughout the Seven Kingdoms as a fierce alliance that are home to some of the strongest players in the game.

NFI knew this match would be unwinnable, we are strong but just don’t have the same deep roster of rally leads that N30 does. We vowed to show up and just do our best. After all, we had saved a lot in race boots and heals given our easier than normal AC and UC season until now. Even a loss would let us finish in the top 8. We still wanted to try and ruin peoples’ predictions, if we could, by not losing by 65,000 points or more, which was the handicap for N30.

When the match began we managed to take a couple buildings, but N30 secured the coveted Mother and the Warrior. We rushed to both reinforce our buildings and start rallies for the N30’s buildings. While we knew certain death awaited us, we had to bring our A game and show Westeros we had indeed earned our place in this popular and expensive event.

The details of war get blurry in a tough battle. We knew that N30 could rally us out of our buildings, but we scrambled to reinforce constantly. We knew we could knock some of them out of their buildings, but for how long could we hold it before their heavy hitters came to reclaim their prize. Thus began the phase that I refer to as the building shuffle. We managed to grab a couple buildings for a time, but then would lose all the buildings. We would then rally and solo our way to taking back another building. It was a brutal and costly task.

Nicster managed to interrupt one of their swaps and grab the Warrior briefly. It didn’t take long, however, for N30 to reclaim their prize.

If we thought the Battle of the Buildings was brutal and expensive, we had no idea of the chaos that would ensue once the bubbles dropped on our individual castles. We were so focused on the task at hand that many of us, cough cough meeeee, failed to prepare for the real fight. Lol

We were losing, but managing some decent points all things considered when screens throughout the alliance began to flash red in that familiar way letting us know that attacks were incoming. The first attack to hit me came from Ana. I could tell I won the fight, but it was only after reading the report I saw she merely hit me with an exploratory 69 troop attack, likely to check my set up and stats.

I nicknamed her the fluffer. That victory lulled me into a false sense of security that maybe I would be ok. Lol! Put a pin in that lol.

I boldly decided to attack someone I used to know and play with when I was on 276. I countered him and had beaten him before. But now I have those coveted T5 troops. Imagine my face when I lost that battle. Lol

Then it happened. It was as if N30 had ordered most of their members to launch solo attacks on me. A long stream of players, some hitting more than once, began to decimate my army. It was constant and brutal lol. We were still trying to get or hold buildings. So, I would heal for a rally and before I could leave the hospital screen another attack would hit, re-hospitalizing the troops I had healed mere seconds before. It was an expensive and vicious cycle. I was food, the castle ravaged in a way that can only happen in the Super League of Ultimate Conquest and matched against one of the juggernauts of the game. Lol

I did manage to launch a couple attacks that brought me a win here and there.

But there was way more losses than wins lol.

Despite the brutality I was having fun, it was one of the more active matches of the season. I would rather lose a fun match than win a boring one after all. NFI, as a whole, did not do as badly as we had expected, managing to score more points than many people had thought we would. We managed to avoid losing by more than the 65000 handicap. Those Westrosians who believed in NFI and bet on us, were rewarded with feathers thanks to our grit and determination to not just throw in the towel and actually fight in this match.

This defeat marked the end of our UC season, finishing in 8th place overall. I healed so much I ranked 3rd overall in healing lol.

I think we can be proud. We made some improvements from the previous seasons, had good participation and great leadership helping guide our path through the many obstacles. I learned that despite coming a long way from where I was, I was still very far away from where I want to be, so my work will continue as I make more improvements. We did pretty well overall as a team, especially for such a lopsided match. Now to prepare for the next season. How are your brackets holding up? Anyone get them all right?