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It's the End of the World as we know it: SOW NFI vs N30

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 02/19/2024 07:06

Coming off our strong win versus RRH, we knew we were bound to hit a whale alliance for our next match. We expected WTF, KAC maybe even our buddies in HOH. We were such sweet summer children.

We were all shocked when matchmaking put us with the first-place team N30.

Looks like many others avoided them by switching times which left us to face one of the giant alliances in the game. My first recollections of the big alliances in Westeros outside of Dep of course was N30. They were very well known to be a super league alliance that was strong and fierce under the leadership of B3nni

They are also home to Ana a

And the dreaded Ur Candy.

I had played with UR Candy and N30 for a few champion city sieges some went super easy, some were painful, all were a great opportunity to learn from some very strong players.  We had no illusions of winning this match, but those who bothered to show up would at least try their best as we always do. From the beginning it was a mismatch. In terms of alliance power, N30 had the advantage by a lot. In terms of alliance score, they again had the advantage by a lot.

In terms of participation, they had the advantage there too. Many of our members did not even bother to show up for the inevitable defeat.

This time, the leadership decided we would try and trick them to maximize our chances of getting SOME points lol. We all loaded up on the Hot Springs side of our base, but the plan was to go to the Armory. Yall we were not fooling anyone lol. N30 began to swarm. We took our closest bases and made our way to the armory where our marches were quickly swallowed up by n30s warriors. They then made their way down to the bases we had secured. Their troops seemed endless swallowing whole entire groups of us. Eventually we became stuck in the base.

At some point they allowed us to have Hot Springs, probably so they could keep getting eliminations off us. Lol. Like many other matches I was ganged up on including a report that was too big to share lol. Why does everyone wanna jump lil ole me? lol

wait for it

to be continued

we ain't done yet y'all


come on now, is this not excessive?

almost done

yeesh finally!

I just kept flinging my troops into the certainty of death. I did manage some wins on the battle reports, no matter how small on some of the fights. Lol

Overall, despite it being such a lopsided match, and the fact we had no chance of winning short of N30 not showing up, it was a pretty fun match. I found it interesting to see several bdr players among the N30 ranks. I can hardly keep up with the constant alliance switching that happens in super league. Lol

With this being the final match in this season’s Siege of Winterfell, we knew this loss would catapult us back in the rankings. We did, however, manage to make 15 of the fancy puzzle shards for the fun castles. I ended the season 30th in Elims. Which I was happy with since I am 85th in power. So overall, I am pleased with my performance and how we ended.

Seige of Winterfell very much felt like Alliance Conquest, in the way the matchmaking worked. We mainly had easy boring wins or predetermined losses with very few exciting matches. Im not sure how matchmaking can be improved without locking people to the alliance they play the first match in and making alliances commit to a specific time at the beginning of the season for all their matches. Both solutions do cause more issues. Locking people in alliances would virtually harm smaller alliances from recruiting new members, committing an alliance to a single time for all their matches would prevent flexibility as people’s availability changes. So, I guess our matches will continue to be easy wins for 4 than definite losses as we meet the inevitable whale alliances we can’t beat. I don’t see us choosing different times to dodge matches. I appreciate the fact that NFI does not do that. We take the fights we get win or lose.

Super League events are very fun due to the high levels of participation, but there is a learning curve involved. You will have a bad time if you don’t develop your character, stats, gear and dragons. I have made a lot of progress over the past year and still have a long way to go before I can hold my own among the big whales of the game. For me it is motivation to improve. Now I must build back the stockpile of heal speed ups, diamonds, and race boots because Alliance conquest will be here before we know it. Side note, between Alliance Conquest, Champion City Siege, Kingdom vs Kingdom and Arena of Honor I neeeeeed more race boots lol. I swear I burn through so many, yet they are one of those things you just can’t run out of unless you have a gazillion diamonds lol. How did your alliance do this Siege of Winterfell?