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Nothing is Sweeter than Vengeance(The Invasion of Kingdom 32)

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 11/19/2023 08:04

                                    Nothing is Sweeter than Vengeance

                                         (The Invasion of Kingdom 32)

         Greetings to you Lords and Ladies of Westeros here is a tale of how I started my very first invasions and how I eventually joined the ranks in Jabber and Stitches Chocolate Rain group and became a Chocolate Raider. This is also the story on how I took revenge on the Kingdom that made my primary alliance leave their server. It all started back in Kingdom 174 while I was still in the alliance called EXc. This is where I got reacquainted with Jabber and was introduced to Stitches and has been friends with them both ever since this incident.



        It was now midday and here I stood by watching idly from within the castles of King’s Landing, as several of the other members of EXc went forth invading kingdoms in small groups. When I’d seen my fellow allies going on previous invasions in the past, they would often return back to our kingdom with many adventures to tell and with an abundance of merit points, signifying their skills as a merit hunter. Though I had always dreamed of hunting in foreign kingdoms, I usually refrained from partaking in it because I refused to venture off without the company of my husband, The Warlord. Since he has long retired from invading as it was now part of his past he has vowed to never go on another invasion ever again. I also thought I would be following in the same vow, but on this very day I have proved myself wrong.





     That day I was greatly distressed and filled with such boredom during that moment, that I wanted nothing more than to invade a kingdom and experience the thrills and excitement that was gained from raiding. As I was ready to continue spending the rest of my day feeling dull and empty inside, two of my fellow allies had invited me to join them on one of their invasions in kingdom 221. 

     The kingdom in which they were now on was full of many un bubbled castles that were filled with an abundance of resources. There were those who seeked to defend their kingdom from the two newcomers and had given them several challenges. They were soon going to rally a very powerful member of this kingdom and needed one more to help them fill out their rallies and decided to ask me. Though I had almost hesitated to leave kingdom 174 without the company of my husband, I ultimately ended up accepting their invitation.

     I arrived at Kingdom 221 to join in their rally and find possible targets that I could solo, only to find out that this kingdom was not what I had expected it would be. My first impressions of this  new kingdom was that it seemed to be very vast and full as each Great City was occupied by another alliance. I could also see that many within the hive of Kings Landing and several other great cities  were without a truce, leading me to believe that I would find plenty of castles to plunder.  

    I now made way towards where my friends were to join in their rally, but by the time I had arrived, I was dismayed to learn that the rally had ended and that most of the targets I had seen had already been attacked. I then realized that since the two raiders were also a married couple, I would be fighting in this kingdom alone and not in a group with them as they had originally made it seem like. Since I didn’t want to lose all hope, I then began to search this kingdom relentlessly for a decent target. I finally found a few targets to attack though they only had half the amount of troops there. 

    After I had attacked all the castles I could find it was now time for me to plan on what I should do next. I have been in this kingdom for no more than an hour and I already wanted to leave. I felt there was no longer any purpose for me to linger here, but I could not bring myself to abandon my friends so abruptly. 

    Suddenly there was a distress signal coming from another kingdom in the form of Ravens containing a message. The Raven dropped the message to me then began to fly back to the kingdom it had come from. I opened the letter and inside contained a message that one of the members of EXc was in dire need. Jabbr and his brother in arms Stitches, had been stranded on Kingdom K108 and needed resources to replenish their troops. This message was as if the Seven answered my pleads and was my ticket out of here. I clenched the letter and now made my way to Kingdom 108.

                                                           Kingdom 108

       It has been several months now since Jabber and Stitches had made Kingdom 108 their new home. Well to much to the displeasure of the citizens of this kingdom, they did not like being in the company of unwelcome guests especially invaders. The one word they were starting to dislike hearing the most was Chocolate Rain. 

       This was Jabber’s favorite phrase. It was a word that residents would often hear him saying whenever he and Stitches would enter a new kingdom. It was his way of greeting his hosts and thanking them for the'' kind hospitality”  that was shown to him during his stay in the Kingdom. This on the other hand was not how the Kingdom's citizens perceived it. Upon hearing the word “Chocolate Rain” being uttered they would immediately flee in fear. That  is how they knew that the two invaders, especially Jabber, were nearby and that it was now time to hide. 

      However now the Kingdom wanted to act fast and put an end to this Chocolate Reign of Terror. They thought that by branding both Jabber and Stitches with a debuff that it would warn them not to mess with the kingdom, but this had only made them stronger. Now the two comrades would wear their debuffs as a badge of honor. Being enraged that this act did not work, the residents of the kingdom summoned their strongest warrior to challenge the two warriors and make them leave their kingdom for good. Unfortunately this did not go according to plan for the members of this kingdom as their champion came riding back to their kingdom with a flag bearing the banner of their alliance being taken down as a sign of defeat. It was apparent that they were no match for Jabber and Stitches and now they will have to get used to hearing the words Chocolate Rain being uttered.


         It was a long day, the sun had finally stopped beating down and Jabber finally was able to have a moment of reprieve after the battle was over.  He and his loyal friend and raiding companion Stitches, had just successfully defeated the Kingdom’s most powerful warrior and now stood by exhausted. Though they had both just experienced  victory it also came with a price. Jabber had lost a lot of his troops with half of them being hospitalized during that battle and found himself lacking resources to heal and rebuild his troops. It was just himself and Stitches alone in this foreign server and with no other means of replenishing his resources.

Jabber had no choice but to send ravens to several kingdoms in hopes that someone from EXc would answer his message and enter their current kingdom with the resources.

        After Jabber had finished completing each letter he then sent several Ravens to all the kingdoms that were currently occupied by members of EXc during their invasions and one to Kingdom 73 EXc’s home server. While he waited for someone to arrive at his kingdom he planned his next step. He felt that it was soon time for himself and Stitches to find a new kingdom and he knew exactly where they would be going but he could not leave until he healed his troops. 

     A raven flew back to him not long after and coming his way were several wagons of resources, and approaching them was a young woman on horseback. Jabber came to meet the rider and standing before him was Dariya. He remembered her back from Kingdom 32 when he used to reside there while he was helping the former ruling alliance. Back then she was a member of WLZ and then a former freedom fighter of kingdom 32. She now had recently joined EXc and he could tell how eager she was to raid. After he and Stitches had warmly greeted her to their kingdom and he was finally able to heal his troops, Jabber then briefed Dariya on the Kingdom's situation. While she sincerely wanted to help them both here, Jabber also noted that she had a strong thirst for invading and started to attack every castle that she found un bubbled within her sight. He and Stitches stood nearby to protect her while she began hitting targets, in case one of the members of this Kingdom got bold and decided to attack her seeing that she was an easier target then the two invaders.  

     Shortly afterwards Dariya had told the two warriors that soon she would be departing, as she found a new kingdom to raid and it had many un bubbled castles. Jabber then thanked her for coming to his aid and both he and Stitches bid her farewell,but not after they had invited her to join them in future invasions. Dariya then journeyed to her next server leaving Jabber and Stitches alone in this kingdom once more. Jabber knew that they too would soon be leaving this kingdom. With that he and Stitches rode towards the horizon on their last adventure in kingdom 108 before they ventured off to their next destination.


         After departing from Kingdom 108 and saying goodbye to Stitches and Jabber I now made my way towards my third and final destination of the day ,Kingdom 32. I had once been a resident of this kingdom along with my husband a while ago when we were both back in WLZ, an alliance that was formerly part of that kingdom. This had once been a full and thriving Kingdom until one day an alliance called DsC stepped up and dethroned TMH, the alliance that had originally held Kings Landing.

       At first this change was made for the better, as during that time DsC had united all the alliances together and had once shared all bounties of Kings Landing with all the contributing residents of the kingdom. Until one day DsC had betrayed my alliance and a turn of events had caused them to declare war on WLZ. The server had no longer been habitable for any alliance during that period of time, leading WLZ and a few other alliances to leave Kingdom 32. This was how myself and The Warlord had parted ways with WLZ and eventually joined EXc.

     Ever since that fateful moment I had vowed to one day take revenge on DsC and Kingdom 32. It was no coincidence that on this very day I stumbled upon this Kingdom, to find that many of the members of DsC, and BrN had neglected to use their protective truces. This is what prompted me to part ways from Jabber and Stitches in Kingdom 108 and venture off to Kingdom 32 in my quest for revenge.


      Entering Kingdom 32 I headed towards Kings Landed not as Dariya but as Red Vendetta,  an alter ego that I had chosen in order to hide my motives and identity from this kingdom. There were some changes that were made to this kingdom since I had last been here. I noticed there were some new alliances that had joined this kingdom with the addition of DsC and BrN still being in this kingdom. 

     I then strategically placed my castle 30 meters away from the hive and was ready but then I noticed that DsC’s champion and most powerful member of the kingdom Loki was nearby and wide awake. I greatly feared he would spot me once I started attacking the helpless members of the kingdom and put an end to my invasion by destroying all my troops. Despite this great fear I launched the first attacks on the kingdom sending my forces rapidly to each castle while remaining vigilant.  I was surprised to see that Loki had chosen not to act nor did any of the other brave warriors of the kingdom, making this invasion more simple for me.

 After my first few attacks had been made successfully it was then time for me to head over to Storm’s End  where the alliance BrN resided.

     BrN, a loyal ally of DsC still remained in Storms End and had once sided with DsC when they had declared War on WLZ.  Unfortunately for them this was not going to be their lucky day as many of their castles were un bubbled and still full of troops and I Red Vendetta was out for vengeance. I then wasted no time in attacking all of their unprotected castles and feeling rather pleased at the outcome. Still there was no one here to challenge me and after I had finally achieved my goal It was now time for me to return back to my kingdom.


    I now returned back to my Kingdom now feeling complete that I had finally avenged my former alliance. I made a quick prayer to the Seven to thank them for protecting me during my first three invasions and for giving me what I had yearned for in over a year. This is the day that had made me who I am now and that is a raider and merit hunter.