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[Vote]Shadows Behind the Cascade: Unmasking the Waterfall Inn Murder Mystery!

Votes Who is killer?
Article Publish : 11/16/2023 16:37
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 11/16/2023 17:08

🌊 Welcome to the Waterfall Inn, where the serene beauty is interrupted by a sudden scream echoing through the falls. 🌊

This tranquil haven has always been a year-round paradise, but this afternoon, a chilling incident unfolded beneath the cascading waters. A lifeless woman, adorned with scattered hair and barefoot, floats in the pond below the waterfall.

🔍 Suspect Statements:

👭 Victim's Best Friend:

"We planned a getaway to this waterfall inn together. But when I arrived, exhausted from a long journey, I found my friend and her boyfriend already there. They were inseparable. Just as I started to freshen up with a shower, the water suddenly stopped. I rushed out, only to discover my friend floating in the water! She can swim, how could she drown?"

👫 Boyfriend:

"My girlfriend mentioned her friend's arrival, so I stayed back in the inn while she went to greet her. Hearing about the flowers on the mountain, I decided to pick some for her. My arm got scratched by the flowers. As I descended, I spotted my girlfriend in the water. Could she have slipped and accidentally fallen in?"

🔍 Known Clues:

💧 The victim's friend is dripping wet.

💅 The victim's friend's nail extensions are missing.

🤕 Boyfriend has numerous scratches on his arm and water stains on his shoulder.

💅There's dirt on the boyfriend's clothes

💼 Your Mission:

1. Who is the murderer: The best friend or the boyfriend?

2. Deduce the correct murder process.

💰 Prizes Await!

The detective who cracks this case, and unveils the true story, wins a whopping 1000 points! (Should be the first one). Other players who answer the right killer or who figure out the whole murder sequence and murder motive will obtain 200-500 GT points!

📅 Submission Deadline:

Submissions must be made before November 23rd.

🚨 Disclaimer:

Note that this story is entirely fictional, crafted for the thrill of deduction!

Get your detective hats on and start deducing! 🕵️♀️🔍

-------Previous answer-------

The Real Murderer: The Best Friend

The cause of the victim's demise was asphyxiation. Despite visible marks on the neck, there were no bruises. The fishing line used was exceptionally sharp, with the potential to cut through the skin if employed to induce strangulation.

In the friend's possession was a bag bearing traces of lipstick matching the color worn by the deceased. This bag, as it turns out, was the murder weapon.

The friend spiked the juice with a sedative. After Carsa consumed it and fell into a stupor, the friend covered her head with a plastic bag, inducing suffocation. In the process, Carsa's lipstick smeared, prompting the friend to clean it off her mouth. However, the friend failed to notice a slight transfer of lipstick onto the plastic bag. The ligature marks caused by the fishing line were deliberately inflicted to frame the victim's ex-boyfriend.

------Top Reward List-------

💰Congratulations to the sharp mind who cracked the cas: jcangoku!Well done, you are the best detectives among us.1000 GT points have been sent.

And for all the other players with correct answers, the participation reward will be sent to your account, please check your account.