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Night King Invasion is back!

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 09/17/2023 08:24
Edited by hussar chronicler at 09/17/2023 08:44

In the land of Westeros, Winter has come again and the Dead came with it! The Night King, an ancient and evil leader, together with his loyal Generals led his massive army of undead creatures called White Walkers to conquer the whole world of the Living. The Night King has some icy powers and is able to turn the dead into his soldiers. All the great alliances on the kingdom had to unite to be able to beat such an overwhelming power. Kingdom 285 with HOH alliance ruling it from palace chambers of King's Landing suspected the Night King's army crossing The Wall several days before thanks to its scouts from the Night's Watch led by might be del. This gave them enough time to prepare to face the White Walkers. Getting all the powerful houses in Westeros to work together wasn't a big challenge thanks to their close and peaceful relations with each other. The real challenge was facing the opponent being outnumbered 10 to 1 and keeping the morale high enough for the whole fight.

On a chilly morning of September 16th, something terrible happened. The Night King's dragon, Viserion, destroyed The Wall with his icy fire and the Night King's army could enter the world of the Living. Kingdom's forces, gathered at the stronghold in New Gift region, wasted no time and went ahead to stop the White Walkers as soon as possible. The army wasn't big, cause most of the forces stationed at Winterfell or in other strongholds nearby, but it was led by might be del, one of the greatest generals in Westeros who wasted no time and started a rally against one of Night King's Generals, General 1. General 1 was leading the first group of White Walkers, the closest one to might be del's army. Many prominent t4 and t5 warriors joined the rally and after 5 minutes it was full and ready to be launched which is what might be del immediately did. The rally hit and dealt a massive blow to General 1's troops. This success inspired other lords to start their rallies as well as some bravest ones decided to go solo against White Walkers. General 1 lost half of his army in 30 minutes. Seeing this, Night King decided to send more of his Generals onto the battlefield. But might be del saw that coming and already called for reinforcements from the nearest strongholds and Winterfell, so more and more soldiers were joining the intense fight. Tardis, other experienced kingdom's general arrived and started killing the White Walkers one by one in a big killing spree.

After the Night King's Generals suffered a big loss and lost control of the New Gift region, they scrambled to gather their undead forces. They wanted to launch more attacks, but all they could manage were a few weak solo strikes and some small rallies. None of these attacks worked, and the kingdom's forces took control of the New Gift. Most of the White Walkers managed to escape and were planning to attack again further south. The Night King's Generals were having a tough time getting their act together. Their army was in disarray after their big defeat. They were trying to get their soldiers organized, but it was tough because they couldn't talk to each other easily. They tried to cause trouble by sending single White Walkers to attack and gather small groups of their undead soldiers, but none of these attacks were successful. The kingdom's forces were on high alert after their earlier win. Now, everyone was worried about another big attack from the White Walkers. The Night King and his Generals were getting ready for their next move. Kingdom 285 had won a battle, but the war was far from over. Winter was getting colder, and the nights were getting longer, making the fight for the kingdom's survival even tougher.

In the meantime, kingdom's forces with might be del, Tardis and recently arrived Xoica were killing all the White Walkers who stayed on the battlefield. Together with other HOH lords, they managed to claim a great victory over the first wave of Night King's invasion. However, Night King didn't give up so easily and commanded his forces to regroup and do another organised attack in the Land of Last Hearth region which is placed further to the south. This time he plans to throw way more troops onto the battlefield, so the army of the Living won't have such an easy time fighting against them. Even if kingdom's forces managed to win another battle, he is prepared to send even more White Walkers for another one and in 2 days he will show up on the battlefield to deal a final blow to the forces of the Living and conquer the Westeros!

Can kingdom 285 defend itself from such a massive invasion? Or everyone from the Living will join the Night King's army soon? It will all be decided in the next couple of days!