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MBL’s First Champion City Siege

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 03/23/2023 00:33

MBL’s First Champion City Siege

His Nerdness King M A J of MBL realized that Champion City Siege still had the same name but the way to conquer and defend the castles had changed. He was sitting over the plans of the Adamant Fortress and made plans on how to attack it. His favorite hobby is thinking about nerdy things that might never be useful, but it's better to be prepared. Finally Pinky was arriving so M A J spoke to him:

 “Pinky remember to record it with the Camera we got extra for you so we have something for our Alliance Halls to remember later” 

Pinky as he was unfocused and with his view following a fly passing his face just replied: 

“NARF, I’m a Professional” 

“Then get the other warriors of MBL so we can discuss the plan one final time!”

 M A J ordered Pinky. 

Pinky was already strolling away and mumbled 

“This smartass …. The plan is to kill them all just with more shiny words even someone like me that does not know the shiny words … knows that” 

A bit later all the Warriors of MBL did gather up in front of the Adamant Fortress and waited for M A J to give them the order to attack while M A J asked M A H 

“Son who is also fighting the city” 

so M A H answered really excited to be in another battle 

“There is a Group from FDH around Secret Santa fighting with us and a group made from N3O and NFI fighting against us” 

M A J did nod happy 

“MBL you know the plan, gather your Soldiers at Sir Coppard, WindWiper and PInKy, if FDH does not get the Fortress or can’t hold it we will attack them all the time!”

Finally the time did come and the Fortress did open the gates for everyone to attack it and for the fastest one to conquer it. All tree alliances NSE, MBL and VDR (the FDH people) did send their armies to hopefully get the Fortress first. A blink of an eye the City had the Gates closed again and was showing the first alliance banner on top “SbG”, short confusion on sides of VDR and MBL. Who is that now? As fast as SbG took it, they also left the Fortress to let Ur Candy from NSE in. 

As soon as the gates did open again MBL and VDR filled and launched their armies to attack and hopefully take the Fortress!

All flights from MBL were won in the outer city districts, but three armies were not able to reach the center of the Fortress (aka kick out all reinforcements of NSE) in time to overtake it from NSE! This went on for the next twenty minutes MBL gathered up armies and attacked, winning the fights around the  outer city districts due to huge numbers advantage in armies. Biggest difference was 27 million on MBL side vs 4 Million on NSE side, not really something NSE could have done to win the battles but still they did hold the Fortress because they kept the center. 

“I want to lead an attack on the Fortress, everyone is winning, this looks easy, i can do it too”

Chroyane did babble from his corner of the MBL’s warrior gathering, holding his cocoa with amaretto, his gaze already a little dizzy. M A J was wondering if he should speak up and veto this, drunken general, could go bad, but while he was thinking about how to say no nicely Pinky spoke up:

“Let’s go Chroyane! This will be like in the old days!” 

Chroyane started marching ahead of his army to attack the Fortress, but somehow he missed the gate and marched straight into the Fortress moat instead of aiming to enter a gate! (By the way Chroyane if you read this, you know I love you) 

MBL quickly agreed on not saying anything once Chroyane would find his way out of the moat and come back to the army camp. At least Tyaa, Fleepo Peepo and JustMe01 that also wanted to lead an attack onto the Fortress once were successful!

Shortly after Ur Candy had more than 30 minutes of Fortress time, so no one could take his win away from him. He gave the Control over the City to Scooberman and MBL and VDR again started to attack. The fights were won due to the heavy Numbers advantage against NSE, but no army was able to reach the center!

After another 13 bloody minutes of defending the Fortress Scoobermann had the 2nd place safe and ordered his armies to leave the Fortress to save some lifes. PInKy was the first one arriving at the empty Fortress and then the first attacker that was able to reach the empty center and take it!

Queen L A H was the first person to react to this: 

“Rob the bakery, I’m almost out of cake, I need more cake!”

What a weird first order, but you better obey the Queen, so MBL was focused on finding every cake in the Fortress and bringing it to her instead of defending the Fortress (Just way too expensive to defend for us, so we did not). Once the gates opened again BillieJean took the Fortress because she was faster than all the VDR guys!

M A J seeing a moment for MBL to shine a bit after this fight was speaking to Pinky: 

“Do you realize that if you take the Fortress once again you will be 3rd?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes, and I have a great Idea, I will attack the Fortress from very far so they wont see me coming”

Pinky answered, and M A J was worrying, when did ever something work out that Pinky named a “great Idea”? (I did send like a 5 min march so I could aim for the next bubble drop)

“I did it, 3rd place, NARF”

Everyone could see Pinky was very happy and already celebrating when M AJ came to Pinky to ask him about the Camera: 

"Pinky? How can you record MBL’s first CCS when your lens cap is still on the cam?”

Pinky instantly looked down onto the Camera: 

“Oh …. Hahahahah …. Narf … no video then sorry MBL”

Or in normal words, somehow my recording broke, so I'm writing a Story. It was a very cool hour, thanks to VDR and NSE for fighting this out even with likely impossible defenses and thanks to ChristianOr for the short Clips so I can show something moving in this Story!