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Ultimate Conquest Round 7 N3O-BDR

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 03/22/2023 16:43

In the land of Westeros, two great armies clashed in a fierce battle that would determine the fate of the further Ultimate Conquest Season. The first army was known as N3O, feared for their strategic prowess and tactical cunning. The second was called BDR, renowned for their unmatched strength and unwavering determination. The two armies had long been rivals, locked in a bitter feud that had spanned generations.

The battlefield was a sprawling landscape, dotted with mayn buildings, three key buildings that both armies were determined to capture. The first battle was over four minor important buildings. The battle was intense, with soldiers from both sides charging into the fray with swords and shields at the ready. N3O was quick to gain an advantage, capturing three out of the four buildings in the initial skirmish. But BDR was not one to back down, and they managed to capture one outpost in retaliation.

As the battle raged on, both armies fought tooth and nail for control of the remaining buildings. The battles were fierce, with soldiers falling on both sides. But as the dust settled, both armies had managed to capture two buildings each, and neither side emerged victorious. The bitter feud between N3O and BDR would continue, but for now, the two armies could rest and tend to their wounded, knowing that they had given their all on the battlefield.

N3O and BDR knew that the battle was far from over. The two armies were evenly matched, and both sides were determined to come out on top. The next target was two ports, each army vying for control. In the initial assault, both armies managed to capture a port each, and the war continued.

But then something unexpected happened. N3O and BDR each swapped their leaders, hoping to gain an advantage over their opponent. The battle over the ports was fierce, with both armies fighting tooth and nail for control.

N3O was emboldened to launch an assault on Casterly Rock, one of the key buildings. Their initial attack caught BDR off guard, and N3O managed to take control of casterlyrock with relative ease. However, they knew that BDR would not take this defeat lying down.

In an effort to bolster their defenses, N3O swapped out their leader once again, hoping to stay one step ahead of BDR's plans. Benni was a seasoned veteran, with years of experience in defending castles and fortresses. Under his leadership, N3O was able to repel the first wave of attacks from BDR, but the battle was far from over. BDR rallied their forces and launched a second attack on Casterly Rock, this time with renewed determination and ferocity. Despite their best efforts, N3O was unable to hold their ground against BDR's onslaught, and they were forced to retreat. The castle fell under BDR's control, and N3O was left to regroup and plan their next move.

After the defeat at Casterly Rock, N3O knew they had to regain the upper hand. They set their sights on two important mines that were key to their strategy. In the initial skirmish, both armies managed to capture a mine each, setting the stage for an intense battle.

BDR was quick to swap their leader once again, hoping to maintain their momentum. N3O, on the other hand, struggled to find a replacement for their former leader. Despite their difficulties, N3O launched a series of attacks on BDR's mine, hoping to regain control. N3O fought valiantly to retake their lost mine, launching wave after wave of attacks. But BDR's defenses were too strong, and N3O was unable to make any headway. By the time they managed to recapture their mine the lost earlier, it was too late. BDR had secured their own mine, and the battle was effectively over.

In the end, it was BDR who emerged victorious. Their strategic brilliance and unwavering determination had carried them through every battle, and they had secured their place as the dominant force in this Round of Ultimate Conquest.

N3O, on the other hand, had suffered defeat after defeat, unable to match BDR's skill and tenacity. But for now, the victory belonged to BDR. Their armies marched triumphantly through the fields, their banners waving proudly in the wind.

Queen TaNaLyN stood atop the battlements of Casterly Rock, surveying the lands that she had conquered. Beside her stood her most trusted fighter, Polarix.

"Well done, Polarix," she said, turning to him. "Your leadership on the battlefield was instrumental in our victory."

"Thank you, my queen," Polarix replied with a bow. "But our final challenge still awaits us. DEP is a formidable opponent, and we cannot afford to underestimate them."

"I agree," TaNaLyN said, her eyes flashing with determination. "But we have the strength and the skill to fight them. We will do what ever is needed."

Polarix nodded, his expression grim. "I will lead our army into battle, my queen. And I will fight with everything I have."

"I have no doubt that you will," TaNaLyN said.