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Update: V6.59.0 Horia

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Article Publish : 02/24/2023 19:01
Edited by aƧli at 02/24/2023 19:03

V6.59.0 Horia

Update time: 2023-2-27

New feature

  1. Engrave

- Use Chaos Dragon's Heart to Engrave a chaos stone and improve the quality to Valorium and improve lots of BR

New contents

  1. Paragon Hero: Horia
  2. Ragnarok Charm: Dragon Grail
  3. Ragnarok+ Soul Armor: Light of Hope
  4. Ragnarok+ Mount: Tempest Kun-Awakened
  5. Ragnarok Wings: Breath of Ice
  6. Valorium Title: Green Field & Legend of Clover
  7. Outfit augment: Legend of the Fox

Game improvements

  1. Added rebirth for Paragon Hero
  2. Added more items to wish shop
  3. Players can choose to keep the stars of Companion, soul armor and charms when rebirth
  4. Adjusted sign in rewards
  5. Extended the weekly point rewards in Mystic Domain
  6. Adjust desktop app pass rewards
  7. Adjust super login rewards
  8. Displayed the amount of Assist Soulstone and Gems in inventory
  9. Unlocked the New Season of Themed X-Server Hero league(3.1-4.30)