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Update - V6.72.0 Holy - Huxley

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 12/28/2023 07:09

V6.72.0 Holy - Huxley

Update time: 2023-12-27

New Contents

1.Goldlike Hero: Holy - Huxley and skin

2.New Special Insignia: Chibi Theresa

3.Paragon Charm: Primary Celestial Star

4.Paragon+ Mount:Phantom Motorbike - Awakened

5.Paragon Wings: Future Guard

6.Added Hibernus and Holy Gloria to Godlike system

7.Transmogrify: Armor of the Future - Elevation

8.New Title: Dragon Soar & Vermilion Bird Soar

Game Improvements

1.Added Direct Shop to Fruit Machine

2.Adjusted and reset first recharge direct purchase

3.Added New Year Countdown event

> From Dec.28 to Dec.31st, meet certain requirements to claim rich diamonds on Jan.1st

4.Improved Guild Mobilization

> Adjusted the requirements for claiming personal rewards

> Added ranking rewards in Challenger Guild

5.Added world boss assistant

6.Improved Chaos stone system

> Extended the max level of enhance and fusion

> Extended the max quality of Engrave to Ragnarok

7.Added quick pray in guild contribution

8.Improved the quality of time-limited royal pass outfit and title to Ragnarok

9.Added info of dragon orbs in “view details”

10.Improved Insignia (start from the new Insignia in 2024)

> Improved the quality of monthly Insignia to Ragnarok, and Special Insignia to Paragon

> Insignia can provide attributes for heroes in different slots of the team

> Added Advanced Stardust Crystal and Advanced Stardust Tear as the new costs of new Insignia, new materials can be combined from old materials

11.Added auto-empower feature for hero empower

12.Improved the rewards of X-Server League, Grail Conquest, client pass, super login, mini game, and Angel's Mercenary Crew

13.Adjusted the level limit for hero empower

14.Adjusted the unlock level of chaos stone system from 180 to 140