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Update V6.77.0 Thaloria

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 05/27/2024 17:23
Edited by aƧli at 05/27/2024 17:24

V6.77.0 Thaloria

Update time: 2024-5-29

New Contents

1.Godlike+ Hero:Thaloria

2.Added Harmonia to Godlike system

3.Title: Eternal Dragonsoul, Dragon Wings, Celebrate 616/2024

4.Paragon+ Companion: Spectral Cat

5.Godlike Soul Armor: Boneflayer Whip

6.Transmogrify: Killer Rabbit

7.Paragon+ Wings: White Night - Ascended

8.Paragon Mount:Inferno Griffin

9.616 Celebration:From June 13 to June 19

10.Ragnarok Outfit: Dazzling Love

Game Improvements

1.Improved New Server Rewards

> Improved rewards for New Server Package, New Player Direct Purchase, New Server Rank, New Server 7th and 14th Daily Objective Rewards, Login Rewards.

> Reset and adjust VIP Gift rewards

2.Lowered the threshold for Main Character Ascend

3.Added more new tasks to Guild Mobilization

4.Extended the max level of star chain to 300 for Valorium above and Ragnarok+ below charm

5.Improved skin system

> Skin will not be removed when rebirthing heroes and companions

> Both 2 Skins for heroes and companions will work at the same times once unlocked

6.Extended the max challenge attempts for Trial from 20 to 25

7.Adjust Super login rewards