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UpdateV6.76.0 Harmonia

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 04/24/2024 15:35

V6.76.0 Harmonia

Update time: 2024-4-28

New Contents

1.Godlike+ Hero: Harmonia

2.Added Velektra to Godlike system

3.Title: Illusion Master & Nether Pioneer

4.Paragon Charm: Sunlit Glory

5.Transmogrify:Halloween Haunt (Ascended)

6.Paragon+ Wings: White Night

7.Paragon Mount: Steel Armor Rampage - Awakened

8.Mother's Day Celebration: May 10 ~ May 16

Game Improvements

1.Added Soul Scepter to Mystic Domain

2.Extended the Max quality of Main Character to Godlike+

3.Displayed the cost of next level for Soul Sigil in Godlike system

4.Reset and adjusted first time direct purchase

5.Improved rewards in all kinds of game shops

6.Improved rewards in Super login, Angel Perks, Angel's Wheel, Activity & weekly quest,Online gift, Nethers Illusion, Apex clash league, Guild Mobilization and Heavenly Treasures

7.Fixed some known issues