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Update - V6.73.0 Skadina

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 01/29/2024 23:20
Edited by fenghuang at 01/30/2024 05:26

Update time: 2024-1-30 or 1-31

New Features

1. Paragon Equipment

> Ragnarok equipment can be crafted into Paragon Equipment with certain materials (obtained from Tycoon Elite Ranking), skills can be unlocked when crafting the equipment to certain stage

> Paragon Equipment can be obtained from Tycoon Elite Ranking

2. Tycoon Elite Ranking

> Tycoon Elite Ranking will be unlocked at the 3rd of X-Server Tycoon, and it will be ranked based on timezone range

> Added Points direct shop, players can purchase elite tycoon points directly

> New item: Tycoon Elite Ranking Points, it can add points for elite Tycoon ranking, but it won’t be counted towards normal tycoon ranking

New Content

1. Godlike Hero: Skadina

2. Added Titania and Ignivis to Godlike system

3. Paragon+ Companion: Shadow Nine-Tails

4. Paragon+ Wings: Future Guard - Ascended

5. Paragon Mount: Twin-headed Drake

6. New Title: Eternal Sweet&Immortal Love

7. Transmogrify: Cretaceous T-rex

Game Improvements

1. Reduce the requirement of Hero augment in Godlike system

2. 50 Dragon orbs can be chosen quickly in Dismantle

3. Extended the max level of hero spirit and corresponding skills for Godlike Hero

4. Adjusted rewards of Guild mobilization

5. Extended the max level of hero promote for godlike hero and Main character

6. Adjusted super login rewards

7. Fixed the wrong empower status of Holy Huxley (those who deploy this hero will increase BR after the update)