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Update - 6.74.0 Melpomene

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 02/27/2024 23:07
Edited by fenghuang at 02/28/2024 21:10

Update time: 2024-2-28

New Content

1. Godlike Hero: Melpomene

2. Added Lunaris and Holy Huxley to Godlike system

3. Paragon Charm: Thunder Moon

4. Paragon Wings: Whisper of Dark Spirit

5. Paragon+ Mount: Twin-headed Drake - Awakened

6. New Title: Green Scene & Wish of Clover

7. Transmogrify: Bartoli - Morph (Ascended)

8. Godlike Soul Armor: Frost Snow

9. Celebration Event:March 13~19

Game Improvements

1. Improved the skill of Holy Huxley: Added bind control effect to 2nd skill

2. Balanced Main character: Main Character can only unleash one Arma skill once per turn

3. Added simple battle choice for Hero Backstory event

4. Added festival image to hot events and shop

5. Adjusted super login rewards.

6. Adv.Hero Spirit stones and Adv. Skill Stones can be combined

7. Improved rewards of local Hero League and guild donate