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Update - Divine Gloria

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 10/27/2023 22:48

V6.70.0 Divine Gloria

Update time: 2023-10-30

New System: Dragonsoul

1.First Godlike Hero: Divine Gloria

>Godlike Hero Shards can only be used for combination, Godlike Hero Augment uses the corresponding sigil

2.Added Minigame

3.Added new Title Rewards in Arena, Titles can be shown above the head of Character

4.New Titles: Black Friday Star, Thanksgiving Carnival

5.Ragnarok+ Charm: Apocalyptic Melody

6.Paragon+ Mount: Holy Python Sigil - Awakened

7.Paragon Wings: Wings of Neon

8.Transmogrify: Wolfmaster Elevation

9.Special Insignia:Grateful Handover

Game improvements

1.New Chaos Burst Skill

2.Improved Angel's Monthly Card wheel Rewards

3.Upgrade Featured Hero event to Ultimate Hero event, removed Legendary+ Hero and its Shards from Prize Pool, added Ragnarok Hero and its Shards to the pool

4.Added Quick claim for Daily Fashion Rewards on Main Interface

> When mouse hover over the Appearance button at the bottom of the Main Interface, a new Fashion button appears, click to claim Daily Fashion Rewards

5.Improved New Server Rewards

>Improved rewards for New Server Package,New Player Direct Purchase,New Server Rank,New Server 7th and 14th Daily Objective Rewards,Login Reward, reset and adjust VIP Gift rewards

6.Adjusted Super Login Reward,Angel Perks Rewards

7.Fixed some known rewards

Battle Balance Adjustment

Quality suppress Optimization: High Quality Heroes can be Immune to Low Quality Soul Armor's Instant Kill Effects