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Update 0924

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Article Publish : 09/23/2021 20:05

We will release V6.30.0 on Sep 24, the servers will disconnect for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update.

V6.30.0 Grail Conquest, Treasure Adventure, Terpsichore

Update time: 2021-9-24

New feature

1.Grail Conquest(unlocked at lv.150)

> New timezone-based PVP feature, players can deploy 3 teams and fight with the 3 teams of other players, win the battle to gain points and improve the ranking. Play Grail Conquest to obtain soul armor, charm and other advanced items.

> The first season will start in October, stay tuned!

2.Treasure Adventure(unlocked at lv.90)

> Players can play Treasure Adventure within the last 5 days of each month, complete the quests to claim Treasure-trove map fragments, which can be used to unlock Treasure and obtain lots of rewards.

New content

> Valorium+ Healer- Terpsichore

> Artifact + Soul Armor - Bright Moon

> Artifact + Wings - Light of Heaven and Earth - Ascended

> Artifact Titles: Enchanted Ghost & Holy Wizard

> Valorium Companion:Frost Drake

> Artifact Mount - Vibrant Phoenix

> Artifact Outfits:Elegy of the Phoenix

Game Improvements

> Scaled down the model of characters in Nether wars

> Added a button for changing Armas in deployment

More Benefits

> Improved super login rewards

> Improved x-server league rewards

> Improved Apex Clash League rewards

> Improved single server hero league rewards

> Improved Sign-in rewards

> Adjusted the purchase limit of Creation Sketch Chest in Ebony Shop