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UPDATE - V6.56.0

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 11/24/2022 17:28

Angel's Fund

New Feature

1. Angel's Fund

- Once available, the Angel's Fund gives out free Angel Principal every week.

- Profits from the previous week are settled at 12:00 a.m. every Monday, and can be claimed at any point during the week. Profits expire at the end of the week, so don't forget to claim them!

New Content

1. Ragnarok+ ATK Hero: Devasto + Skin

2. Ragnarok Companion: Charming Kitty

3. Ragnarok+ Soul Armor: Steel Crown

4. Added Outfit Augment for: Elegy of the Phoenix

5. Ragnarok Mount: Winter Carousel

6. Valorium+ Wings: Vivid Lights - Ascended

7. Valorium Title: Christmas Adventurer&Reindeer Defender

8. Ragnarok Outfit: Great Voyager

9. Ragnarok+ Divine Arma: Steel Wings

Game Improvements

1. Adjust Super rewards & login rewards in super login

2. Improved rewards of X-Server hero league, Grail Conquest & Apex Clash League

3. Improved New Server Events: including login rewards, 14-day goals, new server Buy more save more & new server Rank rewards

4. Improved Monster rewards in Castle Raiders

5. Added daily items in VIP shop (can be purchased with golds, regarded as vip benefits)

6. Reset & Improved VIP rewards

7. Extended the slots & quality of Vice general

8. Added more new items in Wish Shop

9. Extended the stages and stage rewards in The Luminaries

10. Added more charm relevant materials in Local Hero league shop

11. Extended the slots of equipped Soul Armor

12. Extended the stages of elite world tree

13. Added Mythic Soul Armor to Shard pavilion

14. Ragnarok+ Companion can be rebirthed

15. Added Monthly Card Privilege: After activating both Silver and Gold Monthly Cards, the first 5 trial challenges on weekends grant 2 times EXP

16. Added Chaos Stones recommendation feature

17. Domain Crystals with low quality can be combined to high(Ragnarok crystal can’t be combined so far)

18. Removed the pop-up info from X-Server hero league

19. Added Simple battle feature to main stages (after stage 9)

20.Added One click button to hide or game features

21.Displayed all game features in constellation

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