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Update 0914

Patchnotes & Maintenance
Article Publish : 09/14/2021 11:19

Dear Warriors, we will release update at 00:30(PST), 3 :30(EST), 08:30(EU), 15:30(HKT) Sep 14. The estimated update time is about two hours.

"Update Contents:

1. All-new growth system [Divine Beast] released:

Divine Beasts unlock upon players reaching Lv.560.

Divine Beast upgrade items can be obtained from Primordial God - Dusty Seal.

Activating/Upgrading the Divine Beast:

Activate 5 pieces of Divine Beast Equipment to activate the Divine Beast.

Spend Divine Beast Magicka to increase the Divine Beast's level.

When the Divine Beast's level has reached Lv.300, you may activate the next Divine Beast.

Divine Beast Equipment/Magic Core Ascension:

When a breakthrough is completed for a piece of equipment and it gains a Star Level Attribute, Equipment Star Level can be upgraded.

A piece of equipment will always gain a Star Level Attribute when it is activated and from the first two breakthroughs.

A piece of equipment can undergo 10 breakthroughs in total. It will always gain 7 Star Level Attributes.

Divine Beast Special Skill:

When the Divine Beast Equipment and Magic Core's total Star Level reaches 7 Stars, a special skill can be activated.

When the Divine Beast Equipment and Magic Core's total Star Level reaches the specified level, a special skill can be upgraded.

Magic Core Effect:

When Special Skill Level reaches Lv.5 and Magic Core's Star Level reaches 9 Stars, a Magic Core Addition effect can be activated.

Magic Core Addition effect significantly enhances the ability of the Special Skill.

2. All-new game mode [Primordial God - Dusty Seal] released!

Dusty Seal Challenge unlocks upon players reaching Lv.560.

Use Seal Challenge Vouchers to challenge Dusty Seal.

3. New drops added in [Individual Boss].

Seal Challenge Voucher Fragment drops have been newly added to [Individual Boss] to be dropped by bosses Lv.550 and above.

4. Fixed some item text display errors.

5. Fixed some interface display errors."