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Version Update: Lucky Tree Bug Fixing, New Divine Weapon System

Patchnotes & Maintenance
Article Publish : 03/07/2021 16:26

Dear Warriors, 

We have received the report that there is something wrong with Lucky Tree event. We planned to fix this bug by 12:00 (HKT), 5:00 (EU) 7 March, 23:00 (EST) and 20:00 (PST) 6 March. Due to this bug, all the expired nectar will be automatically deleted when you log off and we will send the compensation for all your loss on it. We will keep you posted and really thank you for your understandings and support!

1. Added new expansion to the Divine Weapon system, Divine Weapon - Sword of the Gods, available when Divine Weapon is upgraded to Tier 8 (on servers older than 15 days)!

2. Upgrading Sword of the Gods will grant a great increase to attributes and unlock powerful Divine Weapon skills!

3. Fixed some item text errors and display issues.

4. Fixed some interface display issues.