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Patch Notes for August 17th Update

Patchnotes & Maintenance
Article Publish : 08/15/2021 21:26

Update Contents - August 17, 2021

  1. New game mode [Holy Swords] released! Unlocks 7 days after Server Opening and upon players reaching Lv.540. Upgrade Holy Swords to gain tons of attributes. Equip Holy Swords with Sword Equipment to activate Holy Sword Formations.
  2. New game mode [Reincarnation Illusion] released! Unlocks at Lv.540. There are a total of 7 bosses in Reincarnation Illusion, resetting weekly. Defeat all bosses to claim the weekly Reincarnation Chest.
  3. Increased the maximum stack amount for Angel's Divine Origin, Perfusion Stone and Condor Flame.
  4. Decreased the refresh time for Boss Lair and World Bosses.
  5. Added new Dismantle Appearance feature in the Material Dismantling interface in [Craft], unlocks at Lv.120!
  6. Fixed some item text display errors.
  7. Fixed some interface display errors.

Enjoy! And Happy Gaming to all.

LOAHF Forum Team Leader - Chimera