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Getamon - New monsters are on their way!

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Article Publish : 09/02/2022 11:29
Edited by cocolee at 09/08/2022 17:35

Dear Summoners,

For a better user experience, we will release our brand new Getamon 2.0 on September 7th. In this version, we will bring you brand new mechanics and monsters . In addition ,we will release more points for you!

There will be maintenance before we release the new version.

⏰Maintenance Time: September 7th. 2022. 11:00PM ~ 12:00PM (UTC-5)

All servers will be offline during the maintenance period.

Thank you for your patience and support.

🛠Update notes:

📌New Content:

1.New Monsters —— In this version, we will bring you 3 brand new monsters which are named Tiger, Snow and Gorilla, and it seems that they are more or less related to the original three monsters.

2.New Section: Monster Paradise —— A mysterious magician from a distant country decided to create a magic paradise for the monsters here. In paradise, you can earn currency by playing the game with your monster to exchange for a lot of GT points

3.The Obtaining of new monsters —— In order to help you acquire new monsters quickly, you will get one of three new monsters on your first summon.

4.Basic function optimization —— We optimize the animation of feeding monster and collecting crystal.

🎁In addition, you can vote to pick the monster you are most looking forward to, and 10 users will be radically selected to win 1000 GT points.