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Article Publish : 05/24/2021 10:29
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 11/28/2023 10:14

In order to maintain a healthy community for users to interact in a civil and friendly environment, we have implemented some forum rules and guidelines effective May 21, 2021. Any user that violates these rules (such as posting malicious content, hijacking threads, farming points, etc.) more than 10 times will be subject to penalties depending on the severity of their actions, including removal of their posts, banned from posting, forum ID ban, and other disciplinary actions.

Welcome to the GTarcade community forums! Please read this post before posting.

In order to maintain a healthy community for users to interact in a friendly environment, we have implemented guidelines:

1. Malicious attacks on our games or related communities are prohibited


a. Heavily opinionated attacks on gameplay;

b. Spreading baseless rumors and inciting players to leave the game or community;

c. Making baseless or malicious speculations, rage-posting, or writing abusive remarks;

d. Inciting the community to break the rules or behave in an unruly manner;

e. Spreading information about exploiting bugs in the game;

2. Uncivil Content

a. Users are prohibited from posting content that might be deemed harmful, such as offensive remarks to an individual or collective and making unfair evaluations of the game;

b. Users are prohibited from insulting or provoking other users based on their forum ID. Forum ID’s may not contain anything that would be considered offensive to others, impersonation, or advertising of any kind. Violators will have their posting privileges removed, banned from logging in, and other disciplinary actions.

c. Users are prohibited from getting into personal arguments/conflicts with other users. Any abusive remarks or other personal attacks are strictly prohibited on the forums. Violators will be given a warning first, and then banned if the behavior persists.

d. Any content that contains pornography, violence, vulgar language or deeds, external links, or infringes upon other users’ creations without permission in prohibited. Violators will have their posting privileges removed post will be banned from speech and login.

3. Spam

a. Posting non-relevant content: Posts only containing random letters, numbers or emoticons, posts repeating the same content, posting similar content too frequently, and other posting behavior that negatively impacts other users;

b. Farming points: Making posts just to get points, or conspiring with other users to upvote each others posts;

c. Using Alt accounts to disrupt the forums: The use of alt accounts to any of the other forum guidelines is prohibited. Action will be taken against both the alt account and main account depending on the severity of the violations.

4. Sensitive Topics

The GTarcade community forums is a place for game discussion. Please do not post or comment on political, racial, ethnic, or religious issues.

Any user caught violating these rules will have their post removed, and their account may be subject to further disciplinary actions according to the severity of the case.

The GTarcade Desktop client team reserves the right to the final interpretation of these rules and guidelines.

5. Block

Game accounts without characters are not allowed to post content with links in the community. The posts will be blocked.