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[RESULT] [Dev's Talk] Update on NPC Art Design

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Article Publish : 08/05/2022 20:00
Edited by jumpscared at 09/15/2022 15:00

Dear Seekers,

🤗 This week, we are here with the lateste update from our art department!

Here, we've prepared some of our NPC designs to give you another glimpse of Eastern Odyssey's art style ↓↓↓

🤔 Who are they? How were their images designed?

😇 Where did the inspiration come from? What is interesting about them?

Check out our fresh interview with the designers below! ↓↓↓

Q: Let's talk about the designs for these three NPCs. But before that, may you say hi to all of our Seekers first?

A: Of course! Greetings from Eastern Odyssey's art team to all the Seekers on Gtarcade!

Q: Cool, let's start with the first guy dressed in white. Who is he? What is particular about his outfit?

A: The first NPC is just an ordinary male villager in game.

🥼 Look at the sleeves, his blouse references a unisex design that was very popular during the Tang Dynasty: "Banbi", which means "half-arm" in Chinese.

Q: That design is pretty close to our pyjamas. Any other points about him?

A: ...No. He is just a random dude who does not impress. 🤣🤣

Q: Okay...What about the old monk next to the villager?

A: The prototype of this NPC is a reference to the old monk that Bodhisattva had disguised as in the book "Journey to the West". His clothes have many worn-out marks, showing that he had walked a long way through his journey.

🎩 His hat is called "Li Mao", a type of traditional Chinese hat. It is often made of bamboo or palm, and protects people from rain and sunburn. Monks love it, but it can also be used in daily life.

Q: His outfit has many other details, isn't it?

A: Indeed. He also has a lotus flower pattern on the right sleeve, which is a sign of Buddhism. The prayer beads wrapped around his hand also show his faith as a monk.

Q: Cool. And the last one, who is the old man?

A: In fact, he will appear in the game as the village chief. So in his image design, we added some elements that can show his status, such as the ornaments on his clothes that look like ancient Chinese coins, highlighting his wealth.

Q: And is that a dry gourd (calabash) hanging around his waist?

A: Yes. The calabash actually plays the same role in some way, because ancient people used it to store various types of things. It reflects the responsibility he needs to take as a village chief.

Q: Got it. Last question: when can our Seekers get a sneak peek of other characters?

A: Haha, here's the point isn't it? Before that, thanks to all the Seekers for the passionate comments about the Airship's design. We are so impressed by your advice!

🥰 As for the main characters, they are getting ready to meet you soon after some final touches.We will try our best to create some awesome companions!


Which NPC design do you like the best among these three? Do you like our art style?

🎁 Share your thoughts in the comments of this post, and we will select the 3 most interesting comments to gift the authors 200 GT points each, and 3 lucky seekers to gift 100 GT points each.

■ Time: 20:00 AUG 5 - 20:00 AUG 12, 2022 (UTC +8)

■ Results: AUG 18, 2022

(Eastern Odyssey project team reserves the right to final interpretation of this activity.)

👑 Here's the winner list from our event for the Airship:

#34 helenia

#103 charlygon

#137 z3r

#125 klerb

#177 souske

#204 dyoha

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Best regards,

[Eastern Odyssey] Project Team