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Article Publish : 09/05/2023 17:00
Edited by jumpscared at 08/30/2023 16:16


🔸Lightning🔸 - Eternals

Lightning belongs to a group of deities in charge of the climate. Her Electric Piano lights up the skies before Thunder uses his thunder to strike down those that do evil.

They grew to care for each other after some time of working together.

The rainbow that came after the thunder and lightning at their wedding was one of the most beautiful of them all.

Lightning's artifact is an Electric Piano in her hand, which can judge the evil and punish the wicked.

She has a straightforward personality, usually acts low-key and speaks few words.

However, she has the fastest speed among the gods, demons, immortals, and monsters of the three realms, and can subdue most demons and evil spirits without using the electric piano, just with her bare hands.


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