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[Immortal Insight] Hippolyta - Queen of the Amazon

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Article Publish : 07/10/2024 10:22


Hello everyone and welcome back to my ongoing series delving into one of the main fundamentals of the game: Immortals. For today, we will be covering the Queen of the Amazon, Hippolyta, an immortal that is utilised by all players from beginners to veterans .

Hippolyta in Greek Mythology

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Hippolyta is a mythological heroine in Greek mythology. She was a queen of the Amazons, daughter of Ares the God of War and Otrera, the former queen of Amazons. DC Comic readers will know of her through the Wonder Woman series. The name “Hippolyta” in Greek, translates to “she who unleashes the horses”. 

Hippolyta in Infinity Kingdom

Hippolyta is a fire immortal and one of the strongest immortals for player versus environment (PvE) events, and a key part of most fire teams even for player versus player (PvP) situations. In this Immortal Insights guide, we shall dive into the different intricacies that will allow all players to be able to maximise her potential.


➥ Obtaining the Immortal

➥ Ultimate Skill breakdown

➥ Exclusive Artefact and how to get it

➥ Recommended Skill Builds for any player-type

Obtaining the Immortal

Hippolyta can be purchased from the Insignia shop in Arena, or summoned from the Hall of Immortals. Afterwards, she can also be bought from the Market. All these methods are free to be obtained within the game, which means that Hippolyta can be obtained without the need to purchase her. This provides great value, as she is one of the best immortals in PvE for all players regardless of their level of experience.

Ultimate Skill Breakdown

Hippolyta’s ultimate skill, Flaming Smite, is unique in that it reduces the energy of enemy troops. This makes her a very effective supporting immortal, as she is able to slow down the rate at which enemy immortals can cast their ultimate skills. She is also able to reduce the attack speed of enemy immortals, which works well against immortals such as Alex and Hannibal Barca who rely on their normal attacks to deal damage.

Where this skill truly shines is in PvE, as she is able to delay the rate at which the gnome bosses cast their abilities. Beginner players will find Hippolyta a huge help to clear Well of Time, even without her being close to maxed out. Later on, she is also irreplaceable when fighting Titantula, Time Rift Breaker and Gnome Bosses, reducing the amount of troop deaths while buying more time for the other immortals to deal damage.

Exclusive Artefact

Hippolyta’s exclusive artefact (EA) is known as Goddesses’ Waist Belt, which in Greek mythology was her father Ares’ “war belt” or “girdle”. Goddesses' Waist Belt enhances her ultimate ability, increasing the number of times Heavenly Fire activates from 5 to 7. Not only does this further reduce the energy of enemy immortals, it also synergises well with other skills, such as Full Coverage and Corrosive Power, which will be discussed in a later section.

Exclusive Artefact - How to Obtain

Goddesses’ Waist Belt can be obtained from some events without the need to spend, such as Throne of the Supreme. It can also be purchased from Starry Praise, and sometimes Recharge Gift.

Recommended Skill Builds

Hippolyta is a very flexible immortal, and the skills above are only a small sample of the skills she can equip. In practice, she can equip a wide variety of skills, and fill both the role of a damage dealer or a support immortal. Unlike some other immortals, a few basic skills are enough to unleash her potential, without the need to invest in Triss of Frost skills. Below are two of my recommendations depending on what role Hippolyta fills on the team.

Damage Build

The above combination of skills are what can be equipped on Hippolyta when she fills the role as the secondary damage dealer behind Empress Wu or Seondeok. Since her ultimate skill deals damage multiple times every time it activates, it works well with skills such as Full Coverage and Corrosive Power, which trigger every time the ultimate skill deals damage. Energy Burst synergises well with her ultimate skill too, as it has many chances to trigger, and speeds up the energy recovery for Hippolyta.

Recommended immortal pairings for this skill build include Empress Wu and Seondeok.

PvE Build

To maximise the number of times her ultimate skill activates, Hippolyta can also equip these skills, which are easily available for all players. This is especially useful when fighting gnome bosses, as it reduces the number of times it will be able to deal damage with its ultimate skill.

If used for PvE, Alex is a great immortal to pair with Hippolyta, as he is able to do a lot of damage quickly to a single target. 


Undoubtedly one of the strongest immortals for PvE, especially during the early stages of the game, Hippolyta is a must have immortal, for both beginners and veterans. She fills a narrow niche, reducing the damage dealt by different enemies, buying enough time for them to be defeated while suffering minimal casualties. This guide shows that even free immortals and their exclusive artefacts can outperform many others, and be irreplaceable for all types of players. In addition, she is able to equip a large number of skills, depending on the needs of the team, and the role she plays on it.

What do you think about Hippolyta, what skills do you like to use on her and why? Do like and comment below!

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