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[Black Friday]Sanctuary Black Rriday Market Unveiled! Limited Flash Sale is Open!

Article Publish : 11/24/2023 11:04
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 11/24/2023 17:44

🌟 Sanctum Black Friday Market Unveiled!

Greetings, brave saints! It's time to announce the grand opening of the Sanctum Black Friday Market! Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary shopping experience filled with exclusive deals and incredible offers.

🔗Event Link:

🔗Web Shop:

📅 Event Period: 11.22-11.29

From November 22nd to November 29th, the Sanctum Black Friday Market will be in full swing. This is your chance to explore a treasure trove of special discounts and limited-time promotions.

🎁 What's Inside:

You can redeem 1 Shrouded in Surplice Free Pac for FREE every day during the event.

🔥 Hurry! Only 500 Packs Available! 🔥

On top of that, We prepared Black Friday Special Pack list. There are only 500 available, so swift action is key!

🎁 November Pack List.

There are 9 packs offered in November, Up to 50% OFF!

🎉 How to join:

🔗Gtarcade APP: Click Gtarcade Shop to purchase the discount pack. Click Giftpack Center to redeem a free pack.

Download Link:

🔗Gtarcade Desktop: Click Points Shop to purchase all pack.

Download Link:

💰 Lucky Draw:

To express our gratitude, we'll randomly choose 20 fortunate individuals among those who make any purchase(Paid Pack) , we will give 2,000 bonus GT points in return.

Don't let this thrilling opportunity slip away. Join us in the Sanctuary Black Friday Market, seize the deals, and elevate your journey to new heights!