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Limited-Time Summon - Owl Partita!

Article Publish : 08/04/2023 14:48
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 08/04/2023 15:52

Limited-Time Summon - Owl Partita!

During the event, Owl has double the chance of being summoned. After the event, Owl will not join the advance summon pool. Requires level 10.)

🦉 As Athena's handmaiden, she descended upon the mortal realm on a mission and raised the Pegasus Saint.

🦉 As Uranus' guardian, she fought with razor-sharp wings and radiation which easily shattered Pegasus Bronze Cloth turning into a Golden shine.

🦉 As a loving mother, she forced Tenma to awaken his Divine Cloth in the fated duel and died in the arms of her beloved son.

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