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[Event]Celebrate Halloween with Gtarcade: Share Your Spooktacular Halloween and Win Rewards!

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Article Publish : 11/01/2023 17:30
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 02/22/2024 17:42

Greetings, players!

🎃Believe you've already had or are currently experiencing an unforgettable Halloween, and we want to celebrate this spooky season with a ghoulishly fun player interaction. We invite you to share your Halloween experiences and culinary creations right here on the forum.

📸 Activity Topic(Three Choose One):

Share Your Halloween: Tell us how you're spending Halloween this year! Are you throwing a spine-tingling party, going on a ghost hunt, or just enjoying a scary movie marathon? We want to hear your spooktacular stories.

Culinary Creations: Show off your Halloween-themed culinary delights. Whether it's a pumpkin-spiced masterpiece, eerie eyeball cupcakes, or a witches' brew cocktail, we'd love to see your devilishly delicious creations. Don't forget to include pictures!

Cosplay Sightings: Have you encountered any jaw-dropping or hilariously creative Halloween cosplay in your area or online? Share your favorite costumes and tell us what made them stand out.

🖼️ Submission Format:

Each submission must include one image and a corresponding descriptive paragraph. The image should visually represent your Halloween experience, culinary creations, or cosplay encounters, and the accompanying text should provide context and details. Share your spooky tales in both words and visuals for a chance to win!

🏆 Prizes:

We'll select the top 20 participants who combine spooky storytelling with mouthwatering culinary visuals or share the most unforgettable cosplays. Each of the chosen 20 will receive a spectacular treat of 500 GT points!

📅 Submission Deadline:

Make sure to share your Halloween stories, culinary delights, and cosplay sightings by November 11, 2023 24:00.

Let's make this Halloween one to remember! Share your Halloween experiences, tantalize our taste buds with your culinary artistry, and introduce us to the most bewitching cosplays you've witnessed.

Wishing you a Halloween filled with thrills, chills, and eerie delights! 🎃👻🕷️🦇


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