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[Vote]Three-Minute Deduction: Who is killer?

Article Publish : 10/24/2023 17:47
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 10/24/2023 17:50

Scene of the crime:

A burglar visited an apartment late at night, sneaking inside only to discover a man and a lifeless woman sharing the same bed.

Here are the known clues:

1. The balcony door was left open.

2. There's a peculiar marking on the wall calendar.

3. The thief's bag contains dog food and condoms.

4. An open bottle of sleeping pills rests on the bedside table.

Now, let's hear the suspects' statements:

Male Host:

"My mental state isn't great, and I often have trouble sleeping. So, every night after dinner, I take sleeping pills and go to bed early to play games. I was asleep when this happened, and my spouse was in the living room watching TV. I had no idea what was going on."


"I was terrified! I had just arrived, and when I entered, I saw the woman lying on the bed, her forehead bleeding. The man was right beside her."

This edition's deduction questions:

1. Who is the real killer: The male host or the burglar?

2. What is the motive of the killer? Correct answers will earn you 1000 points!

The right answer will be revealed next week.

(Note: This is a fictional scenario for deduction and entertainment purposes.)