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【Rewards Sent】Brain burning Game - Who is following Mary?

Article Publish : 02/27/2023 14:35
Edited by cocolee at 03/13/2023 14:10

💜Hello Gtarcade Community!

The first person who deduces the right code will get 2000 points.

10 players who deduce some of the clues will be rewarded with 500 points.

All players who vote to guess correctly will receive 200 points.

Let's burn our brains together!


Mary was ready to go home after having afternoon tea with her friends.

But on the way home, she felt that someone was following her, so she turned around violently. However, the cunning stalker did not easily reveal his identity.

After careful observation, Mary still found out the person who was following her.

So,who is following Mary?