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Article Publish : 02/25/2023 21:48

Well arrive on the K341, all the luggage is there, the “goodbye” and “see you soon” have been made to WWW and a temporary goodbye to rPL and k279.

So here I am again with my old guild, Dom, very quietly sitting near kings landing, it seems that the agreement is good, or at least very cordial with the royal guild here: WFS.

Well, just arrived, and there are already hunters of merit, I missed it! I've heard of invasion, but nothing huge before kingdom vs. kingdom, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. 

Also, the enemies this time are part of the guild TQL, with Xmaox as  the main hunter actually, nothing about him, perhaps I’ll find out later.

Third best of their guild by the way, i could worry a bit if it’s an invasion

he is very angry for unbubble people as you can see)

And of course I didn't forget to go out protected, who do you take me for? : )

In the jokes series, I have already found my old habits with our chef Mira, it deeply relaxes me to go back on the road with my old comrades. We had dispersed a lot since the rPL raids last year, and we communicated less. I still care about the departure of some, who have stopped playing, or others who have taken on new horizons. But who knows, Lady luck will make us meet again?

However, here I am again as an officer, we are fewer than before, but still united, and resume our activities step by step. It must be said that it was complex to play on the K279 without help for the rebel camp I admit!

I found back a bank, or a warehouse if you prefer, I will be able to test the new system of building and guild bosses… It was about time!

I hope to see some activity here, I was falling asleep back in K279, see you soon)

Apprentice Chronicler Ikysey