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Having trouble unlocking outfits

Article Publish : 08/06/2022 03:28
Edited by athar_sidd at 08/06/2022 03:42

Hey guys,

I recently noticed that some of the players on my server have this outfits that I don't have (Crimson silver, Divine wing and Fire dragon). As per the game, it requires you to reach viscount, earl and marquess to unlock these respectively.

My total BR is around 480M and I have seen players with a lot lesser BR already have these outfits but I somehow cannot understand how to unlock them. I tried asking in the server world chat and cross server as well but people don't respond at all. I also tried writing a support ticket but got a generic response that "we are trying to improve the game ... " after waiting for around two weeks when the turn around time should have been two working days.

i am writing this here in order to find a way I can unlock these outfits. Would appreciate help from anyone including the devs if they care to respond.